How to Wash Boxing Gloves?

How To Wash Boxing Gloves?  There are ways you can prevent your boxing gloves from becoming a home of harmful bacteria. Of the many techniques used for washing and cleaning boxing gloves, some are specially …

How To Wash Boxing Gloves?  There are ways you can prevent your boxing gloves from becoming a home of harmful bacteria. Of the many techniques used for washing and cleaning boxing gloves, some are specially meant for specific materials. So, before you start cleaning the gloves, it is important to know the material so that you can use the right technique.

To answer the question of how to wash boxing gloves, we have provided some cleaning and washing techniques below:

Saltwater Treatment

One of the most effective methods of cleaning the gloves is to leave them overnight in a saltwater solution so that all the bacteria inside are killed. Saltwater is a powerful solution that can kill and dissolve bacteria. But it can damage your gloves also if they are made of materials that cannot tolerate prolonged exposure to saltwater. So, it would be best to familiarize yourself with the content your gloves are made of and whether they can sustain exposure to saltwater. A saltwater treatment is considered better than cleaning the gloves in boiling water because besides killing the bacteria, boiling water can damage the gloves too quickly.

Put Them In A Freezer

There is another straightforward way to stop the growth of microorganisms and kill whatever is present inside the gloves. As per this technique, you only need to keep the gloves inside the freezer for a couple of days. This effectively kills most of the bacteria in the gloves. But the process leaves the gloves covered with ice. It can take quite a few days for the gloves to dry completely. However, there is an alternative to this. You can place the gloves in an airtight plastic bag before putting them inside the freezer. This keeps the ice away from the gloves, but the bacteria are not entirely wiped out. Some of them go into hibernation. To deal with this, you can use some disinfectant to kill whatever remaining bacteria inside the gloves.

Disinfecting Spray

A good quality anti-bacterial disinfectant spray can keep bacterial at bay. Some of the famous brands, such as Spritz, Lysol, Febreze, or any other high-potency anti-bacterial spray, can be used to keep your boxing gloves free from harmful bacteria infestation. But these disinfectants are not 100% effective. However, it will help you by reducing the frequency of cleaning required for your gloves. These kinds of sprays have varying qualities depending on the brand. So, before settling down with any of them, do some research on why you should purchase a particular brand. There are some sprays designed specifically for sports gear; you can try them. Spraying the anti-bacterial spray before and after the sparring session should give enough protection to your gloves. But make sure it does irritate your hands. Some reviews say some brands have this problem.

Stuff It Out

Another less fussy way to avoid bacterial growth inside the boxing gloves is to keep them stuffed after use so that there is no air left inside. Glove dogs also do the same thing – stuffing the inside of the gloves — and can be found readymade in the market. Glove dogs are cotton bags stuffed with cedar chips. It absorbs and draws out bacteria, which any kind of dry filling can do, having the capacity to absorb air can do. That’s why many boxers use newspapers or even their socks stuffed with cedar chips to stuff the inside of their gloves. You can also use your hands wrapped in hand wraps to soak up the moisture inside the gloves. However, there is a flaw with this technique. While cleaning the moisture from inside your gloves, your hand bandage might get some moisture and bacteria, requiring it to be cleaned.

The Dryer

Some people also use shoe dryers to dry boxing gloves. To use this for your gloves, you should remove the foot attachment and place the gloves for 3-5 hours to be completely dry. Some people suggest that you keep the gloves on the shoe dryer overnight because the heat is very low, and there is no noise. It dries the gloves and removes the odor very effectively.

Final Thoughts On How to Wash Boxing Gloves?

All the techniques mentioned above offer effective remedy against bacterial growth in the boxing gloves. You can choose whichever is convenient for you at a given time.