How To Knit Gloves? 7 Easy Steps To Knit Your Own Gloves

Gloves can be a fantastic gift since they are quick to make and also practical. Gloves are not hard to knit, but some things can make it annoying. For example, most people find it difficult to avoid the holes that pop up between the fingers. Below are InstaGloves Frequently Asked Questions on how to knit gloves.

Learn To Knit Gloves – Step-by-Step Tutorial

How Do You Choose Yarn For Gloves?

You should ask yourself some questions before you choose yarn for gloves. Ask yourself whether the gloves will be worn with outerwear or not. Also, ask yourself whether the gloves are for a particular situation or not. These questions will help you determine the type of fiber that you choose.

Will you hand wash the gloves or put them in the machine? If you plan to clean the gloves in the machine, then it’s ideal that you use yarn like superwash wool or acrylic. Machine washable yarn is perfect for kids since they will mess around and make the gloves very dirty. Only use hand-washable yarn if you don’t plan on washing the gloves regularly.

How Do You Avoid The Holes Between Fingers?

The problem that most knitters face is the gaps that form in between the fingers of gloves. You may still end up with the gaps even after following the patterns keenly. However, don’t panic since there are various ways of solving the problem.

The first method is that you pick more stitches than the patter needs and narrow the down in the first row. For instance, pick up ten stitches if the pattern of the thumb requires you to pick eight. Note that the technique can work for sleeves and underarms of sweaters.

If you have already knit your fingers and still have a hole, you should use the yarn tail to close the hole.

Cross the stitches that connect the back and front of the finger

The technique is similar to making a cable from only two stitches. Hold one stitch on an extra needle or holder and then knit the stitch after it, and lastly, knit the holder stitch. The crossed stitches will close the holes and gaps if you use this method.

How Do You Lengthen The Cuff?

Most people get annoyed when the sleeves of their gloves move up to expose the skin to the cold. The solution to the problem is adding a few inches to the glove cuffs. Note that cuffs are just simple ribbing, and adding rows is not that hard.

How Do You Place Stitch Holders Strategically?

Some complicated patterns may need you to use a stitch holder to hold the patterns as you knit with your fingers. Ensure that the opening of the holder faces the next finger that you will be used when placing the stitches on the holder. It makes it easy to open the holder, select the stitches you require and fasten the holder when picking up the stitches for the next finger.

How Do You Keep Fingers Out Of The Way?

It’s common for fingers to get in the way when knitting gloves. Most people don’t know how to prevent the finished fingers from blocking the next finger. For instance, you may notice that the pointer finger is blocking the middle finger, making it hard to pick stitches for the middle finger. The best solution for this problem is to push completed fingers into the glove. It will keep them out of the way, making it easy to knit with the next finger.

How Do You Pick Up Stitches For Fingers?

Ensure that you do not twist the stitches as you insert them back to the needles.

How To Make Gloves Fit?

Knitting fitting gloves is hard, especially for beginners. The first thing you should do is use a glove sizing chart. You can determine the glove size from the width of your dominant hand. Wrap a string or tailor’s tape around the hand and below the knuckles. Make a fist and take the measurement, excluding the thumb finger. This measurement will be the width of your glove

You can also determine the glove size from the finger length measurement. Measure from the edge of your palm to the tip of the middle finger. Use a glove chart to prevent the glove from being too long.

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