How To Clean Sailing Gloves? 2 Proven Ways

Knowing how to clean sailing gloves is necessary to expand the life of these expensive gloves. Contents show How to Clean Sailing Gloves? Cleaning: Drying: You need to do so much research before buying the …

Knowing how to clean sailing gloves is necessary to expand the life of these expensive gloves.

You need to do so much research before buying the best sailing gloves, and it is also essential to keep them clean and supple. We all know sailing gloves can be really dirty when you work on your yacht, or sail, so it is necessary to maintain a regular cleaning habit of the gloves in order to keep maintain their longevity and durability.

But, if you are still looking to buy sailing gloves and is clueless which to go for, do not worry. We have reviewed and jotted a few of the most highly rated sailing gloves which are currently available in the market. Take a look!

And if you already own one, we will tell you how to clean it effectively and appropriately. Sometimes, sailing gloves can really get stiff after washing or cleaning them. To avoid these, you need to know the right way to clean them.

How to Clean Sailing Gloves?

Here are some actionable ways:


The primary thing to remember is that you should not overly clean your sailing gloves but clean them when it is necessary.

  • Remove any detachable accessories, if there are any, from the gloves.
  • Fill a tumbler with lukewarm water and add a moderate amount of non-biological soap. Please do not use any heavy detergent as it can affect the fabric and degrade it.
  • Immerse the sailing gloves in the water and leave it for about five minutes.
  • Then, take it out and lightly rub it with a cotton cloth both on the inside and outside.

Remember not to use any bleaching agents or fabric softeners while cleaning your sailing gloves as it profoundly affects the breathability and moisture management of it. It can also damage the fibers and the color of the gloves.


Drying washed sailing gloves is simple, but different gloves may have different ways. So, before you go ahead and try any method, it is good to check the care label that is provided with every kind of gloves.

Usually, you can place them flat on a surface to naturally dry in a well-ventilated area. But, keep them away from direct sunlight or heat.

Do not iron your sailing gloves at any cost.

Once the gloves are perfectly dry, you can add a tiny amount of talc to the inside of the gloves, which adds a pleasant fragrance to it.

Gloves make it safe and enjoyable, even in adverse weather conditions. So it is necessary to clean them appropriately so ensure a prolonged life with maximum effectiveness. But remember not to use any heavy detergent, which can deteriorate the dexterity and warmth of your gloves. Follow the instructions above and keep your sailing gloves in their best condition to keep using them for years.