How To Clean Motorcycle Gloves? 6 Practical Tips

Learning how to clean motorcycle gloves is extremely important to maintain the longevity of it, just like you do for any other gear. Motorcycle gloves can sometimes get smelly and sweaty which, if not appropriately cleaned, can degrade the quality of the fabric used in the gloves.

Generally, the material used for motorcycle gloves or any other gloves is different on the inside and outside. So, it needs to be cleaned in different ways.

How to Clean Motorcycle Gloves?

Don’t know how? In this article, we will give you all the tricks and tips to keep your motorcycle gloves clean inside out.

Outside of Motorcycle Gloves

The outside of motorcycle gloves is mostly made of leather, PU leather, or are waterproof. There are specific products available to clean them.

But even without using other products, you can simply clean them by machine wash. One thing to remember when you clean the motorcycle gloves is that you do not mix it up with other delicate clothes.

Put the gloves in a bag cloth bag, and machine wash it. This will also prevent any scratches or clings on other clothes and thoroughly clean your mitts on the outside.

Using fabric softeners or heavy detergents should never be used as it can wear away the upper layer of the gloves. So, clean your gloves and tumble dry it to maintain the effectiveness of the gloves correctly.

Inside of the Motorcycle Gloves

It is perfectly normal to sweat when wearing motorcycle gloves and controlling the bike. But cleaning it well is uncompromisable. We know it is not possible to flip the gloves inside out due to their rigid make, but it can be easily cleaned with a cloth, lukewarm water, and soap.

For cleaning your motorcycle gloves on the inside, first, fill a bowl or tumbler with lukewarm water and add a moderate amount of neutral soap to it. Completely immerse the gloves in it for about five minutes. Then, take them out and softly rub the inside of the gloves with a cotton cloth.

Once done, leave them out to dry in a well-ventilated area. Do not place it under direct sunlight. When the gloves are dry, you can add some talc on the inside, a minimal measure, for a pleasant fragrance.

One thing to be remembered during this process is that you should never clip the gloves to hang. This might cause the shape of the fingers to be altered and, thus, completely spoil your gloves.

Keep your motorcycle gloves in good condition and get going. And if you are still looking for which one to buy, we have a fix to that as well. We have reviewed a few of the best motorcycle gloves available in the market now, which are both durable and cost-efficient.

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