How To Clean Lacrosse Gloves? 6 Essential Tips

Knowing how to clean lacrosse gloves before buying it is necessary to extend the lifeline of the gloves. Contents show How To Clean Lacrosse Gloves? Cleaning: Other Tips: Every lacrosse gloves player knows that his  …

Knowing how to clean lacrosse gloves before buying it is necessary to extend the lifeline of the gloves.

Every lacrosse gloves player knows that his  lacrosse gloves need to be cleaned regulary, if he won’t maintain his gloves he will need to deal with an smelly lacrosse gloves. Lacrosse is a fast game all of the players on the pitch running in different directions, which ends up in heavy sweating and dampness. This can causes an unbearable stench in the gloves and nobody won’t to deal with smelly lacrosse gloves, which has not to fix than to clean them thoroughly often and regularly, therefore every lacrosse player need to know how to clean lacrosse gloves.

Killing the stench and maintaining lacrosse gloves can be a task on its own. But, it is essential to follow the right steps to clean and dry the gloves to keep their longevity and durability intact.

How To Clean Lacrosse Gloves?

In this article, we will tell you the best way to clean your lacrosse gloves without affecting the fabric and make of the gloves.


Lacrosse gloves can be cleaned both by machine and hand wash. But if you do pick machine wash, you must keep the heat setting low and check the lowest cycle possible.

You can use any soap, preferably a non-biological one. Avoid using detergents to wash the lacrosse gloves as it wears out the fabric and makes it crumble, losing its shape and structure.

If you go for hand wash, follow the below steps to thoroughly clean your lacrosse gloves:

  • Fill a tumbler with lukewarm water and add a moderate amount of soap to it. Remove any detachable accessories from the lacrosse gloves.
  • Soak the lacrosse gloves in the tub for about five to ten minutes. Then, rinse it off with clean and fresh water.
  • Then, place them on a flat surface in an aerated pace and let it breathe and dry naturally. Please do not put it under direct sunlight or in heat.
  • Let them dry thoroughly and then put a minimal amount of talc inside the lacrosse gloves for a pleasing fragrance.

Remember never to use any bleaching agent or fabric softener as it wears out the breathability and moisture management of the gloves, making them rough.

Other Tips:

A few other tips for maintaining your lacrosse gloves:

  • After every session of gameplay, remember to air out your lacrosse gloves. This will not only prevent the stench inside the gloves but also keep it dry and prevent dampness.
  • You can also clean the lacrosse gloves regularly using a damp cotton cloth and rubbing it on the inside to get rid of any dirt.
  • You can also stuff some newspaper on the inside of the gloves when not using them. This keeps them fluffy and dry on the inside.

Follow the above instructions to keep your lacrosse gloves clean and stench-free every time you use it. But you have not already got yourself a pair of lacrosse gloves; we will help you with that too. We have jotted and reviewed a few of the best lacrosse gloves available in the market now that are both comfortable, durable, and cost-effective.