10 Best UFC Gloves

Whether you are a trainee or a professional, your gears are other essential parts, ensuring your enhanced performance apart from your skills and moves. In this article, we are not brainstorming on Mix Martial Arts, but today we are focusing on “the UFC Gloves” instead.


Suitable UFC gloves must ensure the proper padding and performance enhancement. UFC gloves usually take care of not just your knuckle but your fingers and wrist, without inhibiting the dexterity of your hands. Moving forward in this review, we hope you will now be able to find the best possible UFC gloves, which are not just ideal as per fitting, protection, and perfect delivery.


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Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki Boxing Gloves
The fully adjustable Dual-X closure system works by combining 2 velcro straps. Check On Amazon
Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves
New and softer padding and comfortable hand compartment. Check On Amazon
Venum Undisputed 2.0 MMA Gloves
Exclusive Velcro strap System for single hand pre-positioning. Check On Amazon
RDX MMA Gloves
Quick-EZ Hook and Loop closure provides enhanced wrist-support. Check On Amazon
Revgear Original Leather Boxing Glove
Not Going Anywhere: You don’t need finicky gloves. Check On Amazon
Bad BOY Legacy 2.0 Boxing Gloves
Genuine top grain cowhide leather provides a classic matte finish with long term durability. Check On Amazon
Sanabul New Item Battle Forged MMA Grappling Gloves
Technologically Advanced. The fit is similar to tradition MMA gloves. Check On Amazon
Combat Sports MMA Amateur Competition Gloves
Dual function all leather glove for amateur competition and training use. Check On Amazon
Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves
EverDri Technology- moisture absorbing lining to keep you hands dry. Check On Amazon
Anthem Athletics Predator MMA Gloves
Triple density, high-performance PU foam for maximum impact absorption. Check On Amazon

Best UFC Gloves Reviewed

We have gathered some of the best available UFC gloves reviewed available with the perfect brand for sparring, enhanced performance, padding, and guaranteed protection.

Suppose you are looking for a combatant’s glove with all the latest technology, including its patented fusion splinting technology and Dual-X technology, making them even more special. Made up of 100% grain leather, it provides exception wrist support, with the help of which you can apply all your energy to striking out the opponent. 


Undoubtedly, Hayabusa elite 3 UFC gloves are known for their remarkable performance and durability, but the only con one might experience is that it can be slightly tight in their wrist. Although it is not an exception, it is advisable to choose your size of UFC glove wisely.


But usually, it happens in an exceptional case. These gloves are available in four different sizes, namely small, medium, large, and extra-large. But it is advisable to stay cautious while choosing the appropriate size of gloves. It has a unique Y-volar design, making it more stable, lightweight, and responsive during the match.


To protect your hand even from serious punches, it contains Deltra EG’s inner core, an advanced zone complex. It is undoubtedly known as one of the best and most famous pair of UFC gloves by Hayabusa.


Additionally, it has various technologies like X-static and XT2 technology and AG fabric to fight against bacteria and foul odor. Its AG fabric works as a sweat absorber and ultimately, keeping your hands dry during the match. Weighing only 4 pounds, it is one of the most reliable high-quality gloves one can have. 

  • Comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Dual X technology helps to hit hard by gathering all the energy.
  • With three-layer padding, it ensures complete protection of the hand while hitting.
  • Soft interior.
  • Available in four different sizes.
  • The wrist strap is adjustable.
  • It is slightly stiff.

Next on our list is a Thailand Based pair of UFC glove, known for the stability and durability it provides to the players. When you want an open thumb and open palm design, you can’t find gloves better than the Fairtex Ultimate. Made of 100% full-grain leather, it has an outer lining of nylon, making it thoroughly water repellent. Additionally, it provides three-layered foam padding, ensuring players’ complete safety during the match or training.


Although it is a beautiful UFC glove and people are satisfied with these gloves’ performance, few are dissatisfied with this ultimate glove’s wrist band. Its wrist band is slightly large; thus, it didn’t fit snugly to everyone’s fist.


Some users also complain that these gloves are too tight because of their triple-layer padding that they find it difficult to move their wrists. All-in-all, it is all a matter of sizing. Thus, it is advisable to stay extra precautious while choosing the size of your glove.


To ensure complete dexterity and ventilation to the hand, it contains a finger split at its base. Also, one can quickly put it on and off with the help of its Velcro strap. Weighing around 7.2 pounds, you can find it in various sizes varying from regular to extra-large. 


However, it is not the perfect UFC glove for the MMA ring, but it is said as the battlefield’s function piece. As it has small flaws, it requires an upgrade, which we hope will be available soon.


Otherwise, it is ideal for both professionals as well as trainees. Because of its budget-friendly price, it is still worth purchasing this exceptional pair of UFC gloves, even after it has a few exceptions.

  • Ventilated adequately with an open palm and thumb design.
  • Ideal for both professionals as well as trainees.
  • Made with waterproof grain leather along with nylon lining.
  • It provides three-layer protection along with great dexterity.
  • Easy to put on and off with a Velcro strap.
  • It doesn't fit snugly.
  • The padding might inhibit dexterity.

If durability and excellent functionality are all that matters to you, then you must consider Venum Undisputed 2.0 on your bucket list. Along with an ergonomic design, it can provide the most comfortable fit around the curve of your hand.


If you are looking for good seaming and detailed work, then no doubt, this UFC glove is for you. Because of its detailing, it provides stability and durability to its user as well.


It is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and fitted gloves one can have in a single piece. But there are a few flaws in this glove. It can become uncomfortable if you wear it after getting used and worn. Discomfort while wearing it can be because of the tight finger hole or rigidness of the wrist. Thus, it is advisable to choose the size after referring to the manufacturer’s size chart.


Don’t worry about your protection with this pair of gloves because of the excellent padding it provides. It provides a multi-layered foam, which prevents any kind of injury while giving hard hits. With the help of its adjustable strap, you can easily snug fit these gloves. Additionally, you will be getting single hand pre-positioning in these gloves. 


Overall, it provides three different sizes, namely small, medium, and Large/XL. Thus, you can choose the size as per the size of your wrist.


Not just Venum is a well-known name in the world of MMA wrestlers, and no doubt, it is a wonderful pair of gloves that can help you enhance your performance. But even after so many pros, it still sometimes lacks comfort to its users, which is a severe manufactures issue.

  • Easy to wear and adjust.
  • Durable construction.
  • Provide complete wrist protection.
  • Waterproof construction.
  • Wrist support and finger hole can become uncomfortable sometimes.

Here comes our top pick in terms of comfort and protection. Made with 100% natural cowhide nature, RDX MMA is known for its durability and exceptional performance in the Ring. Its durability is majorly possible because of the double stitching it has. Thus, it is going to last for years.


Protection, on the other hand, is possible because of the triple-layer padding it provides. Safety is further enhanced with the shell shock gel absorbing sheet or more commonly known as Supremo-shocking foam, inhibiting shock resistance.


Although it is very comfortable in terms of usage still, it has a series of shortcomings. Like the stitching near its knuckle can rub against your skin, ultimately irritating your skin and hurting it.


Also, some other user complaints are associated with these gloves, like it doesn’t provide proper support while boxing or sizing might differ from what is there in the size chart. Thus, be very specific while examining the glove as soon as you purchase it.


With an EZ hook and loop closure at its wrist, one can wear or remove these gloves single-handedly. You can adjust the gloves with the help of this closure only. It can enhance your performance to a greater extent because of the grip it provides. Additionally, you won’t be left with sweaty hands during or after the match by being thoroughly ventilated. Lastly, you can find it available in four different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. 

  • Durable because of the double-layered stitching it provides.
  • Absorbs excessive sweat providing complete ventilation.
  • Excelling triple-layer padding and shock absorption gel.
  • It provides a sturdy grip.
  • Sometimes sizing might differ from the standard size.
  • It can be uncomfortable sometimes.

Whether you are a professional, tackling experts in the Ring or MMA, or a trainee, who needs to hit heavy punching bags, Revgear Deluxe is perfect for both scenarios. Being durable and sturdy, it can provide hard hits.


Made with natural 100% Softech leather, it does not just ensure the durability but all-round protection of the player. However, it is not padded heavily, which ultimately makes it more comfortable and doesn’t restrict your hand’s movement.


Although it is an all-rounder, still some people have shown their concern for this glove. Some of them are dissatisfied with the minimal padding it provides, while others have reported sizing issues. Among sizing issues, the most common being the size becomes smaller than mentioned in the description. Additionally, it is relatively costlier as well, when compared with similar gloves by other brands.


Apart from all these drawbacks, there is a significant reason why most of the MMA players prefer to wear Revgear Deluxe is because of its high-quality leather material and RAM-force technology padding that it has. Because of this padding, it becomes comfortable to wear this glove, but it provides shock absorption to a large extent. Additionally, you will be getting extra wrapping around the wrist with which you can quickly grapple without getting a scratch to yourself or your opponent.


No doubt, it is an ideal choice for almost all MMA players. Not just it provides comfort, but it keeps your hands protected, which is the sole need of getting a UFC glove.

  • Comfortable.
  • Ideal for both MMA fights and training.
  • Made of top-quality leather.
  • RAM force padding ensures the protection of the wrist and thumb.
  • It lasts long.
  • Sizing might vary.

Next up is one of the most stylish UFC gloves that one can own, namely Bad Boy Legacy. Made of 100% grain leather, it contains triple-layered EVA foam, ensuring its users’ complete protection. Additionally, its lining is waterproof, absorbing excessive sweat from the hands, keeping them dry during the match, and ultimately providing excellent grip. 


The reason behind calling it is the most stylish UFC gloves is the shiny hexagonal pattern it has on its exterior, enhancing its attractiveness. 


No doubt, it is a functional pair of gloves, which will help you enhance your Ring’s performance. Some users still complain that sometimes the inner lining rubs the skin again, irritates it, and even hurts. Additionally, it might take time to break-in.


Also, to provide proper ventilation to hands, it contains a mesh panel, with 11 holes in it, making sure the passage of air through the gloves, promoting breathability.


With the help of its tight Velcro closure, you can make it snug fit and can even lose it when needed. Its high-tech grid makes sure to impact the opponent with all the strength you have significantly.


Lastly, it is lightweight UFC gloves that weigh only 5 to 7 pounds depending on the sizing, and it is available at a pocket-friendly price, which makes it most attractive.

  • Provide all-round protection.
  • Durable construction.
  • Water absorbent inner lining keeping sweat away.
  • Breathable with meshed design.
  • Attractive hexagonal design at its top.
  • Not ideal for break-ins.

If you are looking for a UFC glove, which doesn’t hinder you from striking or grappling, you must consider Sanabul. It is made of Specially engineered Sanabul leather and its patented handcrafted foam, ensuring performance and protection at the same time. Additionally, its durability is undoubted because of the sturdy material it is made up of. 


No doubt, it is the ideal pick because of the material it is built of. Additionally, the reason why it attracts most people is its affordable cut-down price. But the best reason behind most of the MMA fighters choosing it is because of the quality of material used in these UFC gloves and the performance it provides.

Apart from the material and build, it provides Velcro closure, which ensures that it fits your arm. Additionally, its lining is anti-microbial and moisture absorbent, which is another pro of purchasing this pair of gloves. It does not just absorb the sweat, keeping your hands dry, providing excellent grip while using these gloves, but inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface of the glove.


Its weight surrounds near 5 to 8 oz, making it ideal for MMA matches. But because of the protection it provides, you can even use it in your training days. 


But one thing that you might make sure of while purchasing these gloves is again the size. Choose the proper length after looking at the size chart provided by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the size might vary from standard sizes. 


All-in-all, it is an ideal glove for fighting, which will ensure powerful hits during your matches, protecting your wrist, hands, and knuckle. But be precautious while choosing the size of this glove. 

  • It comes with a moisture absorbent and anti-microbial lining.
  • Durable construction because of its high-quality material and seaming.
  • Provide advanced fir because of the latest technology.
  • The handcrafted foam ensures the proper protection of your wrist and knuckle while playing.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Sizing might vary.

If you are looking for a UFC glove, especially for training and sparring purposes, Combat Sports will help you a lot. Unlike all the other gloves, it comes with four-layered padding, which guarantees complete hands protection and shock resistance.


It is also made of durable synthetic leather with an open palm providing the perfect grip you might be looking for. Additionally, because of its available palm design, it keeps your hand ventilated.


Even after many useful features, these gloves loosen if you start wearing them with hand wraps. Additionally, some of the users have also complained about the rough inner lining and lack of padding. Because it is for training purposes, padding is the most important concern people have because they have to hit hard-punching bags.


But the most attractive feature of these gloves is that apart from knuckle padding, it is also providing a thumb pad, providing proper protection to your thumb as well. It is usually available in two different sizes, namely the regular size weight around 6 oz and large size weighing 7 oz. Even though it is available in just two different sizes, it usually never encounters an issue related to fitting.


All-in-all, this pair of gloves is not ideal for punching heavy bags, as the manufacturer mentions that these gloves are made for light punching bags and sparring. Thus, it is not ideally the professional pick. But apart from this, it is available at an exceptionally affordable price, making it a famous option among MMA fighters.

  • Open palm design ensures ventilation and grip,
  • Proper protection with the help of its four-layer padding.
  • Made of durable synthetic leather and handcrafted foam.
  • It fits well, irrespective of only two size options.
  • Lack of wrist support.

Next on our list is Everlast Pro UFC gloves made of synthetic leather, with many reliable functions and durable construction. It has ergonomic padding, which ensures the proper protection of your hand, fingers, knuckle, and wrist. It additionally has an EverDri technology, which provides dry hands during fights. It further enhances the grip of your hands. 


It is undoubtedly one of the most durable UFC gloves available in terms of its material and construction. But you might find a few glitches in these special gloves, like it doesn’t provide any thumb protection, and the knuckle protection it provides is not sufficient. It is again available in just two sizes, namely small/medium and large/Xlarge. These two sizes might not be ideal in some situations.


This glove support wrist wraps as well, providing a snug fit even after wrap. Additionally, it includes dexterity to fingers when you are sparring or training in the gym. Weighing on 5 oz, it is available at an extremely affordable price. 

  • Tops in terms of comfort.
  • Available with an anti-microbial and swear absorbent lining.
  • Made up of durable synthetic leather.
  • Providing breathability providing better grip.
  • It doesn't avail of thumb protection.
  • Somewhat lacks in knuckle protection as well.

Last on our list is Anthem Athletics, which again tops in terms of construction and durability. Made with 100% cowhide leather, these UFC gloves are going to last longer. It is then a multi-panel glove that ensures the proper protection to your wrist or hand, providing optimal support to the hand.


Even though it is an excellent glove in functionality and features, it sometimes lacks grip. Also, you might feel loose-fitting of these gloves because it lacks in sizes, compromising its users’ comfort. Additionally, some users have a complaint that it lacks in providing proper protection over knuckles.


It has a meshed side panel that ensures adequate ventilation to its users, keeping their hands dry and sweat free along with sweat absorption and non-irritable lining across your hand. 


Also, it has a three-layered padding system, which works as a shock absorbent. And because of its pad construction, it makes sure to minimize the injuries you might get during a match. Lastly, it is available at an attractive price, making it ideal for MMA fighters. With all these handsome features, it is known to be one of the most reliable hand gloves you can own.

  • Made of 100% cowhide leather providing durability.
  • Works are a shock absorber.
  • Providing proper ventilation, ensuring sweat control.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Lack of proper thumb protection.

UFC Gloves Buyer’s Guide

You might need to work hard in finding the best pair of UFC
gloves available in the market. No doubt there might have been some of the factors that might help you to choose the best UFC Gloves you are looking for. But what factors did the UFC Gloves depends upon?


To answer your question, here we are with the quick Buyer guide for the best UFC gloves, which will help you find a glove with all the functionality you want.


The first and foremost factor that directly affects purchasing
the best UFC gloves is the purpose you want the glove for. Or, more generally, what all functions you are looking for in the best glove. Additionally, on average, you will get a 4 oz glove.


Thus, make sure to bring gloves with the proper shape and size to make them fit comfortably. Additionally, you will need more than one UFC gloves, one for training and the other for sparring. As for competition, 4 oz UFC gloves can be perfect, but not for training.


For training, a heavier glover, weighing around 14 to 16 ounces, is needed. Thus, make sure you are getting a UFC glove depending upon your requirements.


Material is another crucial factor that can’t be ignored while
purchasing UFC gloves. UFC gloves are made with various materials, or more generally leather like cowhide leather, Softech leather, or grain leather.


The most preferable and the safest material for UFC gloves are 100% cowhide leather. Additionally, the glove you choose should be non-irritable or feel soft against the skin.


Also, make sure that the inner lining of the glove you are
purchasing is moisture-wicking as UFC gloves provide warmth, which can bring sweat to your hands. In such a case, it will become irritating, and you will start losing grip. Thus, it would help if you chose a glove that can absorb


To ensure better performance, it is essential to choose gloves that provide durability and comfort while using them. Additionally, if you are an MMA fighter, then padding is going to interest you the most. Knuckle is the most injury-prone area in a fight. The pair of UFC gloves you choose must have proper padding around the knuckle to ensure your safety. 


Another crucial feature, which is expected in the UFC glove,
includes wrist support and Velcro closure. Without proper closure, the glove keeps falling off and ultimately lacking grip and consistency. Lastly, ergonomic design is the most critical factor for free movement of the hand.
With an ergonomic design, you will be able to play fast punches conveniently.


Size is the most critical concern one should always consider.
Don’t just purchase a glove because of its overall appearance or features, but the size is an equally important feature. There is a sizing chart available by the manufacturer you are considering.

Please don’t believe the standard sizing as the truth, as it
might vary from the manufacturer’s sizing. Thus, it is always advisable to use the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer. Additionally, don’t forget that some gloves are purposely made with hand wraps and should not be ignored.


Although I have covered padding in features, padding is one of the most crucial features one should look for in their UFC gloves. MMA fighters are usually prone to injuries. Severe knuckle injury can significantly affect your overall carrier as well. Padding is a way to protect them from knuckle


Price is Another crucial factor that one must consider before
purchasing the UFC Gloves. It is not smart to buy a glove that is expensive but doesn’t provide handsome features.

Rather, the preferable option is to purchase a glove available
at an affordable price but is durable enough to serve you well. There are various inexpensive Gloves available in the market, thus no need to spend a lot on purchasing them.  


The two most essential factors on which UFC gloves depends include protection and performance. Padding can provide a significant level of protection while using UFC gloves. Performance depends on various other features.


But I assure you that we have covered all you might need to know about UFC gloves in this article. We hope you will now be able to choose the best available UFC glove, which ensures the protection of your hands, wrist,and finger even when you are in a combative mood.

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