10 Best Shooting Gloves in July 2021

Sometimes shooting with gloves may seem unnecessary, or a little too much for kind of shooting you do, but a pair of suitable gloves can only enhance your performance.

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Shooting is a great sport, but protecting the hands from rough shooting is also equally important.

Gloves protect the bare hands against cold or heat, abrasion, blisters while playing, and other activities. However, wearing gloves depends upon personal preferences. There are various types of materials that gloves are made up of like latex, nitrile rubber, or disposable vinyl gloves.

An excellent and high-performance pair of gloves depends on many factors like fitting, touchscreen capability, durability, etc. It is essential to check which one suits your needs before investing in one. Gloves should always give a better grip that will help you to hold the accessory better in an extreme condition, which might not be possible with bare hands.


Gloves can improve the experience of shooting. Gloves usually cover the whole hand and are meant to protect it from various external factors like extreme heat or cold. Gloves are manufactured depending upon their purpose. They have a separate department for each finger and the thumb. There are various types of gloves like the mittens, fingerless gloves, glittens. Added to this, gloves are made differently for ladies and men.

Why Are Shooting Gloves Important?

Shooting gloves are typically designed in a way that facilitates the shooter with increased control over the rifle by enhancing the grip over it. These shooting gloves generally have pads all over them for increased warmth and also to protect the hand handling such heavy weapons.

Shooting gloves must be made with very durable material to protect it from quick wear and tear. Heavily padded gloves in the middle of the hand are essential for increased protection and better grip. It must be well fitted to prevent it from slipping and must be comfortable enough to relieve stress during shooting. Hence, it must be lightweight to move your hands smoothly.

Types Of Shooting Gloves

For shooting, three types of gloves can be used.

Biathlon gloves are a great combination of skiing and shooting gloves.

Pistol gloves are used for enhancing the performance at shooting and also to provide extra support to the hands and fingers.

Target rifle gloves have finger openings and are heavily padded on the one hand.

Whether you need a perfect fit or one with the most comfort, there are so many options in the market. Each pair of gloves come with its features and unique traits, which explains the difference in the prices. Some people choose to overlook the features and pick a functional glove, which is affordable.

If you are confused and do not know which gloves to buy, this article will serve as a guide. We have done the back work for you and picked the best shooting gloves, which you can choose from. You must research the gloves based on preferences before deciding to buy one.

Top 10 Recommended Shooting Gloves

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves
ALL-NEW ALPHA TOUCH model that is Touch Screen compatible! Check On Amazon
Magpul Technical Glove Lightweight Work Gloves
Durable synthetic construction with suede-backed thumbs. Check On Amazon
Mechanix Wear
Dual-layer internal fingertip reinforcement provides added durability. Check On Amazon
Caldwell Ultimate Shooting Gloves
The elastic backing and fingers and rubberized palm allows for full dexterity. Check On Amazon
Bob Allen Black Deluxe Shooting Gloves
Good gloves for shooting the material allows for a protective. Check On Amazon
Mesh Back Shooting Gloves Tan/Black
Good for extensive shooting sessions. Check On Amazon
TitanOPS Full Finger
These gloves in XL are a snug but comfortable fit for a man. Check On Amazon
Hatch NS430 Specialist All-Weather Shooting
They fit and actually feel okay. Check On Amazon
SCOYCO Motorcycle gloves men
ADJUSTABLE VELCRO CLOSURE: Allows movement and dexterity while driving. Check On Amazon
First Tactical Men's Medium Duty Padded Gloves
Midweight, snag proof, stretch woven fabric for precision fit. Check On Amazon

PIG FDT is an excellent pair of gloves for shooting. It is best suitable for professional lead slingers. It is made with premium quality material that has an additional slip-on, which prevents the glove from slipping down. It gives a high-quality dexterity fit that is highly comfortable.

These gloves are used by the individual operation soldiers and also those in law enforcement. These gloves are ideal for competitions that give you a stress-free hand and enable you to hold your weapons with a better grip.

It is quite lightweight and gives you the feel of shooting with bare hands. The gloves have extra-soft paddings on the fingers and in the middle of the palm that protects your hands from abrasion, cuts, and blisters. However, the padding on the joints of the fingers are quite thin that does not cause discomfort in holding the rifle.

This pair of shooting gloves are constructed with single layer padding to increase the sensitivity of the hands. These gloves are compatible with touchscreen devices that allow you to operate your smartphone even with your gloves put on. This is an important feature that does not need you to open the whole gloves every time you want to check your phones.

This pair of gloves comes with a wristband that also allows you to see your wristwatch quickly during competition. These gloves are flexible enough that will enable you to move your fingers freely and prevents stiffening of it. This is a highly reliable pair of gloves that give you the best feeling, and the material used prevents it from wear and tear, which makes it quite durable to use for a long time.

Besides the advantages, these shooting gloves also have drawbacks. Though they are quite long-lasting, they have problems in stitching. The stitch is loose that easily opens. The fitting is quite tight, and therefore care must be taken before ordering.

  • Made with superior quality material
  • It gives a feeling of playing bare hand
  • Ideal for competition
  • Has full touchscreen compatibility
  • It has thin padding on the knuckles
  • Has wristband for viewing wristwatch
  • Has a slip on to prevent slipping
  • Durable and easily accessible
  • Very tightly fitted, size issues
  • Loose stitching

Magpul is considered to be the best and the most lightweight of all available shooting gloves.

The industry producing Magpul gloves is best in themselves as they make gloves that give the best protection against abrasion, cuts, and blisters. The gloves are constructed with a superior quality synthetic material that is very long-lasting with a second-skin fit that is highly comfortable.

This pair of shooting gloves comes with multiple functions that increase your shooting experience. It has suede palms that help in the secure handling of your rifle. Along with it, the gloves are also available with a sensitive forefinger that helps in the accurate target.

The shooting gloves are made with lightweight material that does not feel heavy on hands. It is highly breathable that allows easy passage of air and prevents moisture. On the other hand, the gloves keep the hands warm during the chilly cold night. It is a glove that can be used in all seasons.

The gloves are highly compatible with touchscreen devices that help in operating your smartphones without opening your gloves. These gloves come with the unique feature of terry cloth on the thumb area that helps in the secure wiping of your glasses or the gun-sights.

These shooting gloves are versatile with multiple functions as they are quite popular among the security guards and ambulance drivers. They give you the best grip and better performance. They are very stylish and trendy.

However, the Magpul shooting gloves are not suitable during summer, and the gloves do not allow heat to escape that cause discomfort during shooting. It is therefore not recommended to be worn during summer.

  • Very comfortable and stylish
  • Durable and well-ventilated
  • It is compatible with touchscreen devices
  • Has good sensitivity and good grip
  • Flexible, durable and versatile
  • Has terry cloth used on the thumb area
  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Protection against abrasion
  • Not suitable during summer

The Mechanix Wear shooting gloves are constructed of foam fitting that gives an extra layer of comfort to the gloves. The gloves have a seamless stitch that offers better dexterity and fitting to them. These gloves have multiple purposes and can be used for riding a motorcycle, lifting heavy objects, driving cars, working with woods or construction material, and also for shooting.

These gloves are very flexible as they are provided with paddings on the palm area with flexible joints that allow smooth movement of the fingers. There is an absence of stitching on the palm area that helps in accurate gripping.

The material used for the glove has an insulating property that helps in the secure gripping of hot objects and also helps in keeping the hands warm during winter. The insulating property does not allow the escape of heat, and this technology keeps the hands warm.

The gloves are well ventilated that prevents your hand from sweating. Besides, the gloves are available at a reasonable price and can be afforded by most.

However, these gloves do not have touchscreen sensitivity, and therefore they need to be opened entirely to navigate any touchscreen devices. These gloves are fastened with velcro on the inside of the wrist that gets tangled often and causes discomfort to the user.

These gloves are a complete package that protects the fingers from extreme conditions. The gloves can be easily washed in machines. However, there have been complaints regarding the poor quality of stitching.

  • Has insulating properties
  • Keep the hands warm during cold weather
  • Helps in handling hot items
  • Excellent grip for accurate target
  • Flexible, durable and versatile
  • Machine Washable
  • Affordable
  • Well-ventilated
  • Does not have touchscreen compatibility
  • It has Velcro fastened inside the wrist

Caldwell Ultimate shooting gloves are the perfect choice for shooters. It gives the best gripping experience that allows the user to perform well. The material is made with a superior insulating property that keeps the hands warm during winter and also helps in holding hot objects.

These gloves are highly breathable that keeps allowing passage of air and prevents sweat and unwanted odor. The breathable feature also prevents sticky hands, thereby giving you a better grip. The palm is constructed in such a way that it allows better performance and excellent gripping of the accessory. These gloves are excellent in protecting your hands.

The Coldwell Ultimate shooting gloves revolutionizes the concept of the glove. It has a high-level functionality, and the design is all the more attractive. You will stay glued to the game without subjecting your wrist to injuries and hurting. The gloves are highly comfortable that regulates the temperature of the hand.

However, these gloves also have certain disadvantages. The Caldwell ultimate shooting gloves are not true to its size. Therefore care must be taken before buying one. Secondly, customers complain of the poor quality stitch that tends to come out very often.

Thirdly, these gloves are not ergonomically designed as they tend to fall apart. They also come with thin padding that does not help in the accurate target. The thin pads used does not assist in proper protection of the hands.

  • Constructed with superior quality material
  • Well-ventilated, excellent grip, and protection
  • It has rubber pads on the palm for better grip
  • It is compatible with touchscreen devices
  • It has leather patches that protect from Slide Bite
  • Has insulating properties and is lightweight
  • Poor stitching quality
  • Thin padding
  • Poor-fitting

Bob Allen is an excellent pair of shooting gloves, which is made up of leather. These gloves have 43-gram Thinsulate insulation that regulates the temperature inside your gloves.

This insulating property also helps to prevent moisture and smells inside the hands. This glove comes with an elastic waistband that allows ventilation and keeps the hands cool during summer.

The leather material is excellent for better gun gripping. These are flexible enough for the smooth movement of the hands and the fingers. The gloves come with perfect leather padding on the thumb, palm, and the finger area, which helps the user to hold the rifle or any other accessory with complete ease.

This pair of shooting gloves is of excellent value. These gloves are the right choice for shooters who suffer from cold hands during shooting. Bob Allen shooting gloves may not fulfill all the criteria of a good shooting glove, but it cannot be ignored as well, but it is highly recommended to those who spend long hours at shooting and considers shooting as their passion.

These shooting gloves are very durable and protect the hands from abrasion. These are resistant to wear and tear, and therefore they can be used for a longer time. However, the glove has not sensitivity to touchscreen devices, and thus the user has to open the entire glove to use smartphones. This as a significant drawback in this modern age and time.

  • Constructed with good quality leather
  • excellent gripping points
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Regulates temperature inside the gloves
  • Able to hold hot objects due to its insulating property
  • Not compatible with touchscreen devices

Browning markets their gloves in a unique cross-discipline manner.

With a light palm padding and finger reinforcements, the Browning Mesh does a great job in retaining the desired comfort and shape while practicing shooting.

The material used inside these shooting gloves is also of premium make. It has a suede palm that provides ample grip on your guns, at the same time, keeps it cool and comfortable, so your hands do not sweat even after hours of practicing.

The most beneficial aspect of these shooting gloves from the house of Browning is that they have an increased level of feedback. This means they are ideal for lighter triggers or even those guns which have small trigger guards.

The mesh, on the other hand, helps keep your hands and fingers cool even in sweltering weather. These shooting gloves have a full-hand coverage up to the wrist. Although there is no extra insulating material, it is somewhat comfortable even in low temperatures.

Another useful feature is that these shooting gloves are full-fingered, which covers and protects your fingers from the extreme heat or the hot metal handguard. Also, these shooting gloves are machine washable and retains their shape and look for longer.

  • Mesh layer on the outside
  • Flexible and breathable fabric
  • Synthetic suede padding on palms
  • Machine washable
  • Size not matching guide

Primarily designed for leisure hunts, Titan OPS shooting gloves are perfect if you want to practice shooting in colder weather.

The Titan OPS shooting gloves are as durable and sturdy as you can imagine a pair of shooting gloves to be. It is a complete mix of style and substance.

The palm of these shooting gloves has a light padding, which makes it both lightweight and versatile. These gloves provide an increased level of feedback when you have a lighter trigger, and this is a major high point for these Titan OPS gloves.

Coming to the materials used in these gloves, they are comprised of a combination or blend of leather, nylon, lycra, and microfiber. All of these materials ensure versatility while also adding to its comfort and durability. They are also extremely breathable material, which ensures that your hands do not sweat and remain dry even after long hours of practice.

As these shooting gloves have a full-finger built, it protects your fingers and knuckles from cuts, heat, or other external injuries. The adjustable wrist strap ensures that it does not slip off your hands quickly and maintains its shape and structure throughout the wear.

Further, these gloves are bacteria and odor resistant and can be easily machine washed. It does not lose its shape or color with washes.

  • Set with reinforced palm padding
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Available in different styles and colors
  • Machine washable
  • Well-constructed and flexible
  • Dries quickly
  • A double stitch in stress areas
  • Not ideal for warmer weathers

The right fitting and comfortability are primary in a pair of gloves, more when you are looking for shooting gloves. The Hatch NS340 shooting gloves are designed in a manner to provide optimum comfort as well as support when you are chasing guns.

This pair of shooting gloves is an all-weather shooting or duty gloves, which keeps your hands toasty and warm even in bitterly cold weather. Your hands do not get crampy, and you can pull the trigger without stressing your fingers too much.

These shooting gloves use synthetic leather and neoprene materials, which help keep your warm and also provide maximum dexterity to it. The special Synsi-feel synthetic leather grip patches of these shooting gloves around the palm area and fingertips help you have a better grip of the gun or rifle while shooting.

Speaking of its fitting, these shooting gloves by Hatch fit your hands almost like a second skin. With a variety of sizes and colors, you can choose your own by just reading through the size guide. These gloves also allow using your smartphone without removing the gloves almost effortlessly.

However, as these gloves have neoprene and synthetic leather use in them, they tend to become extremely warm in hot weather. These materials make it a little ventilated and can make your hands sweaty. But they are perfect for the chilly cold winters.

  • Hook and loop closure
  • Ideal for low-temperature conditions
  • Breathable, flexible and comfortable
  • Wrist closure
  • Synsi-feel synthetic leather
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and colors
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Not ideal for warm weathers

The Scoyco shooting gloves offer complete protection to your hands from any external injury, whether you are riding or shooting.

The outer covering of the Scoyco shooting gloves is exceptionally durable and caters primarily to support your hands from sudden crashes or injuries. The outer side of the gloves is made with a rubber shell, which fits snug on your fingers and palms without causing any discomfort.

The hard-shell knuckle protectors deal effectively with any high-impact resistance and avoid any damage of your fingers and hand overall. These shooting gloves by Scoyco also have abrasion resistance, which protects your hands from gravel rashes, friction burns, or even cuts.

The enhanced grip and comfortable fitting of these shooting gloves ensure that you have comfortable wear without any fatigue or distraction while practicing your shooting aims.

Also, these shooting gloves allow using a smartphone without removing them almost naturally. You will face no difficulty in navigating through your phone even when you have these gloves on.

Whether you are a biker or a shooter, this Scoyco shooting gloves can be your best choice at the given affordable price.

  • Windproof
  • Hard-shell knuckle protectors
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Excellent grip
  • Adjustable Velcro Adjustable strap
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Mesh surface on the inside
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Not ideal for warm weathers

The First Tactical medium-duty shooting gloves are a step ahead of its competitors in the market with the premium features and durability it provides. Without sacrificing on the mobility, these shooting gloves offer optimum strength and protection to your hands from any kind of external injury.

The goatskin palm ensures a perfect grip of your gun without causing any discomfort to your fingers and hands overall. Moreover, the Touchtac fingertips allow you to use your smartphone or any other touch device with ease. The bezel cutout further will enable you to place an oversized tactical watch adding to your formal uniform.

It comes with stretch woven materials which ensure a precision fit that keeps your hands sweat-free as well as comfortable. Be it winters or summers, and these First Tactical shooting gloves are not going to let you down.

Coming to its appearance, these shooting gloves are premium in design and hold a professional appearance. The light padding on the palm and flexible fabric use makes it extremely lightweight but also durable at the same time.

Whether you are a person who deals with motor works, law enforcement, or military, you can go for these gloves without a doubt. These are one of the best pairs of shooting gloves currently available in the market.

  • Tactile Sensation and performance
  • Stretch woven fabric
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Touchtac fingertip construction for sensitivity
  • Hook/loop closure at wrist
  • Machine washable goatskin palm
  • Comfort and optimum control
  • Slightly bulky

Shooting Gloves Buyer’s Guide: Making the Right Choice

Now that you have got information about the most recommended shooting gloves currently available in the market to let’s know how to make the right pick.

The intended use if one of the essential factors that drive which pair of gloves you should go for. Like, casual hunters will obviously have a different requirement than bow hunters or law enforcement personnel.

Here, we will discuss everything you need to look for when deciding to invest in a pair of shooting gloves.

Quality of Construction


Different gloves have different kinds of patches and mesh in them. These materials are what ultimately decide how comfortable or versatile the gloves are going to be.

The palm and fingertips should always be textured, which makes the grip better. Also, remember the material should not be too bulky as it can cause significant discomfort while shooting or aiming a target.


The best kind of padding in a pair of gloves is full-padding. A fully padded pair of gloves will protect your hands from any abrasion or sudden injuries without exposing any part of your hand.

The knuckles should have a durable material that will prevent your hands from any sudden shocks or knocks while shooting.


Double stitching is the best to hold up the gloves for longer. Single or loosely stitched gloves can fall apart quite quickly and will not serve the purpose at all.


A comfortable fit can make movements easy and quick rather than a tight fitted one. A good fit also affects the conformability and breathability of gloves.


A proper wrist closure ensures that the gloves sit on your hands without causing any discomfort. The wrists should ideally be padded while an adjustable strap makes for a great fit.


A good pair of shooting gloves can considerably improve the tactical performance or hunting edges. They not only keep your hands protected from the sudden abrasions but also the various other environmental factors. Do not forget to measure your hand and then start looking for a good pair of shooting gloves.

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