10 Best Opera Gloves For Your Special Evening

Best opera gloves won’t serve you only when you are going to enjoy an evening at an Opera show. If you are you getting ready for a carnival, ball party, or even dinner with your …

Best opera gloves won’t serve you only when you are going to enjoy an evening at an Opera show. If you are you getting ready for a carnival, ball party, or even dinner with your date and do not know what to wear for your special event, then the answer is so easy. Pair of opera gloves with a beautiful evening gown. An elegant woman is poised and serene. You can display this elegance and confidence in the dress you wear.

Evening opera gloves are long gloves that women wear as an accessory, usually to a formal outfit like the evening gown or the wedding gown. Opera gloves are closely related to aristocracy or royalty. The opera glove has enjoyed much popularity in the years after World War I, being most reputable as a fashion accessory in the 1940s through the early 1960s, but continues to this day to be popular with women who want to add a particularly elegant touch to their formal attire.

Ladies! Hold your breath and choose your choice for opera gloves.

Below is the list of the best opera gloves reviewed.

#1 Fratelli Orsini

 These opera gloves are manufactured by an Italian company Fratelli Orsini, and they have done their best in maintaining their quality. These opera gloves are made from Italian lambskin, cashmere, or North American deerskin. The leather used is soft and comfortable and has a velvety touch. It gives the wearer a feeling of being rich with great hand and finger flexibility as well as movement.

Traditionally, these opera gloves are very right to its characters as it always holds its tradition to its most real sense. Therefore these opera gloves formerly come in 16-button length, which is about 23 inches, reaching nearly up to the shoulder. It does not line on the inside and has a range of six sizes. The constructive material is excellent, that guarantees its excellent fit and is also very accurate when it comes to sizes.

As far as the thickness is considered, it is precise enough to ensure it lasts longer and has that exact amount of rich, silky finish and has a wide range of indicators. In a sense, it is not at all flashy. Preferably it has that appropriate shine of quality.

Coming to its packaging, it comes in a very well delicate and in an unfolded manner. Added to this, there is an addition of a long velvet packaging along with the maker’s name and the company’s logo. These evening opera gloves act like the symbol of the glamour in the old world and feel like a second skin. The leather, which is made of lambskin, is what gives a different touch to the finish.

The prototypical 16-button length guarantees that one gets a proper conventionally accepted opera gloves. People have worn gloves for many years, and these opera gloves have exceptionally been handy to all those women who love dressing up like an elegant and poised lady.

These gloves add elegance and bring about a touch of the lady during the Victorian age. These gloves are also useful for those ladies living in cold places. People wear opera gloves with sleeveless or short sleeve cocktails dresses or strapless, or short-sleeved evening gowns.


  • Excellent quality
  • Fits true to size
  • Long-lasting
  • Has good flexibility
  • Most exceptional 16- button length
  • Ships uncoiled
  • Packaged in a box and a storage bag


  • Does not contain buttons
  • Has wrist elastic
  • Difficult to put on and off

#2 Solo Classe

If you want to make a difference and want to be noticed, then don’t over-think. Put your hands on these very classy and delicate opera gloves that have been specially designed for your convenience and the formal affair that keeps you apart from the crowd. These are typically outdated opera gloves for women that have been produced by kidskin leather and exclusively lined with 100% silk material.

Solo Classe opera gloves come in a gift box and are hand-stitched that guarantee extreme comfort and class.  These opera gloves have a wide range of colors that will perfectly suit your complexion. These gloves are available in black, white, and dark brown.

You might be little cautious regarding the white color but be assured regarding the rest of it, that it will not look like the sheer shade of inexpensive type. Rather these opera gloves have a sheer touch of style.

These gloves are best suitable for teenage girls or prom pairs. The available sizes of these opera gloves are perfect, and as these are hand-stitched. The quality is top class and gives a long-lasting effect to the quality. Conventional opera gloves have always chosen kidskin leather for their manufacture. These opera gloves allow free hand movement and also have a feel-good touch.

People who got bored with satin opera gloves, then these gloves are best for their character and personality and will add a new touch to their elegance. These opera gloves are in themselves a class which is paired with pure silk lining. The gift box with which it is paired with, have complemented equally the original product.

Apart from its elegance, these opera gloves do not fulfill the criteria of retro style, being designed with the wrist buttons. This makes it challenging to unbutton and take the gloves off. Added to these disadvantages, the kidskin leather comes with a strong smell that might repel people off you. Since these opera gloves have silk lining, these gloves do not provide much warmth to the wearer during the winter season.


  • Kidskin leather of excellent quality
  • Pure silk lining
  • Wide range of colors
  • Hand-stitched
  • Durable
  • Comes in the right box
  • Availability of perfect size


  • Strong smell
  • No wrist buttons
  • Not warm

#3 Ambesi

People who do not like winter season only because they cannot look stylish due to dense layers of winter wear, then relax and think of the excellent time to come. These Ambesi opera gloves are for those smart and poised looking ladies to look elegant even during cold winter months.

These opera gloves are made of smooth, soft lambskin leather. These gloves come with fleece lining and go exceptionally well with a sleeveless or strapless dress. These opera gloves are good enough to make you the star of the evening as well as the life of the party.

Unanimously, lambskin leather is a choice of quality, and therefore these Ambesi opera gloves are chosen by people world-wide. These are a lovely pair of gloves. These opera gloves made of lambskin are flawlessly styled that contain a zipper that stretches all up to the full length that makes it easy to put on and take off. This quality is a plus point that separates it from others.

The price for these types of opera gloves is right, especially when these types of style is in high demand for your character. These evening opera gloves are machine-stitched and are also seamless. Thus these have a smooth and gentle finish. The stitching is excellent, which gives it a durable touch. The fit is perfect and true to what it promises. These opera gloves embrace the hands with a delicate touch.

Apart from its benefits, these evening opera gloves lack variety as it is only available in black color. It is incompatible with touchscreens. Like the Solo Classe opera gloves, these gloves also have a strong smell that will act as a repellent to others for the first few uses. For bulky and fat women, it is a problem that does not allow them to zip the top of the gloves as it is merely designed for people with a smaller figure.

Somewhat these opera gloves do not fulfill the criteria of conventional opera gloves as it reaches a little more above the elbow, which is contrary to the traditional opera gloves that reach mid-bicep.

Overall, if you are a modern lady who likes to pace with time and do not care much about tradition, then these are appropriate for your style preference. These gloves have a fleece lining that comforts the wearer during the cold winter months. You will win over many hearts only by flaunting these aristocratic opera gloves.


  • Easy zip model
  • Perfect fit regarding style
  • Quality to admire
  • Cozy
  • Provides warmth
  • Excellent machine stitch


  • Zip model is not fit for healthier ladies
  • A little bit above elbow
  • Do not have a wide range of colors to choose from
  • Foul smell

#4 Finiluo

The Finiluo opera gloves will make you a diva. These gloves are designed with some frills in the top arm that will separate you from the crowd. These typical gloves are made from genuine sheepskin that stretches up to 31.5 inches (80 cm) that reach almost up to the armpit.

These gloves are also lined with fleece. These quality evening opera gloves have only four sizes. Since these are made of sheepskin, these may fit little tighter at first, but it may stretch at few uses. Once these gloves are pulled, these prove to be the high-quality products that will be flexible and soft. These gloves guarantee you a shiny touch, which will give the impression of richness and luxury as authentic leather has a shine of its own.

The inside of the glove has a plastic feel, which offers a more cozy effect and a comfortable bearing and has the right amount of flexibility. The simple design of these opera gloves is instead revitalizing. The excellent beautiful finish and outstanding craftsmanship genuinely speak for itself. The beauty of these gloves lay in its design.

Much has been said about its beauty, but its difficulties are many. Firstly, these opera gloves, like every other leather material, produce a pungent odor that adds a minus point to its chart, which will eventually vanish with few uses. Secondly, these opera gloves come in one color and that too in black that gives it a monotonous touch. It might not go well with elegant dresses.

These gloves are long enough to reach up to the armpit area. This feature makes it difficult to put the gloves on and take it off as there is no unique feature of elastic at the wrist nor buttons to assist the bearer the pull it off. Apart from these disadvantages, these gloves are specially designed for small hands and therefore are not suitable for ladies with larger hand palms and armpit areas.

These opera gloves have been recognized for centuries as a symbol of feminine elegance and sensuality. The ladies who have the habit of wearing opera gloves exhibit the characteristics of power, grace, passion, and sexuality. To this day, opera gloves have been a mandatory accessory for the women of the Vienna opera ball.

Fashion always comes and goes, but the choice for opera gloves, to date, has been a fashion to be cherished and dreamed by many. These gloves represent beauty, grace, and high social status. These leather gloves are the epitome of style. They make you a model. These are a thing to be noticed among the crowd.


  • Authentic sheepskin
  • Design is simple
  • Reaches up to the armpit area
  • Fleece lining
  • Cozy
  • Comfortable


  • Pungent smell
  • Not fit for large palm and armpit ladies
  • No wrist elastic to put on / off
  • Only available in black color

#5 Warmen 

Gloves can be worn even during prom night as well as Halloween parties and especially during the time of winter to look more attractive as well as save you from getting cold. These opera gloves will fulfill your desire to look pretty good even when the temperature is quite low. These gloves are essential for maintaining a pointed look.

Gloves are one of the oldest and most romantic accessories desired by the fashionista. They make up the most stylish accessory. If you are looking for a pair of gloves to accessorize your prom dress, then immediately grab these extremely long leather gloves. These opera gloves are made of too soft and long-lasting Nappa and suede leather that gives it a cozy feel and is distinctive of high quality.

These warmen opera gloves are available in 4 sizes. It has the appropriate length to fulfill the criteria of opera fashion. At the wrist, these gloves have a frill that gives it a different look. The gloves are paired with satin lining that gives more coziness to its texture. These gloves are the perfect example of intermingling the old and the new epoch.

It has a retro touch to its design, which is of 22 inches that stretches up to the arm. These are modeled to be compatible with touchscreen devices, and you need not worry when you are about to use your touchscreen gadgets. These opera gloves give a stylish look. When paired with satin lining, these opera gloves are incredibly soft to touch and are also durable. These gloves must be your choice in selecting high-class luxury.

Everything has its advantages as well as disadvantages. As far as the advantages and benefits are concerned, it has been well described. Now let us concentrate more on the weaknesses. The opening at the top of the arm is small, which makes it difficult for the wearer to put it on and take it off. The satin lining on the inside of the gloves makes it highly unsuitable for cold temperatures as there is neither wool nor fur.

These opera gloves have a loose-fitting that makes it unsuitable for any formal evening parties as these will look clumsy on the hands. These are also entirely unsuitable for heavy and bulky looking people. Moreover, it does not come with a wide range of colors as only black is manufactured.


  • Good quality
  • Smooth texture
  • Has compatible with touchscreen devices
  • Retro style design
  • Has two multipurpose look


  • Available only in one color and that is black
  • Unsuitable for cold weather
  • Three fitting is clumsy
  • The opening is small that makes it difficult to put on and off

#6 Fioretto

These opera gloves offer a gorgeous look but are less traditional than many other gloves. It stands out from others in the chart. These gloves are made of imported Turkish snake leather paired with Italian Nappa in its blueprint. This feature has contributed to a more elegant look to the wearer that guarantees you to look breathtakingly beautiful.

These gloves have a pattern on the texture that covers the whole product and stretches up to the top. These gloves are lined with the viscose material and give a slim fit. The Nappa leather embraces neatly and allows flexible movement. Therefore these gloves are cozy and stretchable. These gloves are packed in a designed black box and make a great present.

These Fioretti opera designed gloves offer you two available colors, and they are black and blue. A zipper or a silver buckle/clasp add a point to its chart because this feature makes it easy for the wearer to put it on and off quickly. This feature also adds a more classy finish.

These gloves can be worn till the elbow or can be put down a bit below the elbow. These gloves are rather versatile, and you will not regret buying it as these will be your thing with the perfect balance of coziness and flexibility.

Apart from these, unfortunately, these gloves do not follow the rules of the traditional length of the opera gloves and cannot be worn at a party that demands a strict dress code. Its viscose lining is unsuitable for keeping cold out. Gloves symbolize human conduct.


  • Textured design
  • Elegant
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Has a zipper for easy on and off
  • Comes in a well-designed box


  • Arm length is short
  • Lining is thin
  • Not suitable for cold temperature

#7 Grandoe

A tribute to tradition, the grandee opera gloves have the characteristics of class and elegance. This is everything that any lady can demand. It genuinely bears a resemblance to retro style pair worn by ladies of the past. These opera style gloves are designed in such a way that its arm’s length is measured up to 16 inches. You will not regret buying it. It is very suitable for any formal event.

These opera gloves are made from sheepskin only that ensure you a comfortable and right amount of coziness. These gloves are stretchable that guarantee you the right kind of agility around the palm and the finger. These will allow you to handle exquisite objects quickly, even when wearing these excellent products.

These beautifully crafted opera gloves are also lined with ventilated silk. Thus your hands will get sweaty. These gloves are so comfortable that you will not feel it wearing as these are made with the combination of 1oo% silk and 100% leather.

These gloves will provide you everything which you are looking for – that is elegance and aristocracy.

Among its disadvantages, it is regrettable that though these gloves come in two shades of black and brown, yet these two shades are more or less similar and do not offer you a wide variety to choose from. These gloves are modeled without any suitable openings.

There is neither zippers nor buttons and nor even elastic at the wrist that makes it difficult for the wearer to put it on and take it off. The lining of this type of opera gloves is not sufficient enough to protect the wearer from any worst weather.


  • Good flexibility
  • Craftsmanship is excellent
  • Arm length is appropriate for opera style
  • Ventilated silk lining


  • Lack of shades to choose
  • Lining is thin
  • Not suitable for cold temperature
  • Lack of wrist opening

#8 Yiseven

Ladies who are addicted to using smartphones and cannot waste a moment to stay connected to social media even during an evening party, these Yiseven opera gloves are right for you, since these opera style gloves are compatible with any touchscreen gadgets. Thus wearing these gloves will not obstruct you from updating yourself to any form of knowledge, and you can stay in touch with your family and friends all day long.

These gloves are made from top quality lambskin leather, which guarantees a gentle feel when embraced. They come in 2 different shade. One is black, and the other is red wine. The fit of these opera gloves is perfect as it enables free movement of the fingers and gives a feel right touch when you touch anything.

The seam is cautiously laid, and these can be frilled down when you want to use a shorter version of it. When paired with the lining, the frills make these gloves suitable for cold temperatures. These gloves are both ideal for a party as well as daily use.

Since these gloves are compatible with any touchscreen gadgets, these can be gifted to your loved ones and comes in a well-designed presentable box. The compatibility, as well as its flexibility to wear it shorter or longer, makes it a number one choice for the buyers. These gloves will give you the adequate amount of warmth to keep you cozy during the winter months.

Coming to its disadvantages, these opera gloves, like any genuinely manufactured leather, gives out a sharp and acid-like smell during its first uses, but with time, the smell vanishes. Though these gloves are lined, yet the lining moves away from its place, and therefore somewhere inside the glove, the lining gathers altogether, giving it a messy look.


  • Compatible with touchscreen gadgets
  • The lining is good enough to keep the wearer warm
  • Easily adaptable to be worn shorter or longer
  • Two shades of colors are available
  • Packaging is impressive


  • The size is bit small
  • Bad smell
  • Lining displaces inside
  • High cost

#9 Casf

These opera gloves are modeled for those ladies who have a sophisticated taste as these gloves are flawless. These are made from the original lambskin leather. The seam of these gloves is absolutely in order, and its manufacturer promises to deliver elegance and sophistication at your doorstep.

These  gloves will bring out the beauty and grace without making any effort. The ladies who love to show off their accessories will be thrilled and will never regret buying these gloves. These gloves are packed in a different package that should not be missed at any offer, which enhances the faith and trust of the wearer.

These opera gloves are lined enough to keep you warm during the cold winter months. The interior of these gloves is made of satin material, which adds a feeling of richness and luxury and thus does not feel heavy on the bearer. The configuration at the fingers remains modest and well organized, enhancing your womanliness.

These gloves are perfect for those who like to take the limelight and increase their feminineness. The quality of the leather is unimpeachable that guarantees its wearer shiny comfortable, and cozy hands.

Unfortunately, these  gloves are not long-lasting as these are made more of tight fittings. This obstructs the wearer to move their hands and fingers flexible, and these gloves become a little rigid. These opera gloves are not of stretchable quality, and since these gloves are tightly fitted, these ensure quick tearing within few uses.

These gloves are only manufactured in black color, which offers a monotonous touch to its wearer. These opera gloves do not fulfill the criteria of conventional opera gloves as these gloves reach slightly above the elbows.


  • Lining ensures warmth
  • Provides a soft luster on the surface of the leather


  • Not durable
  • The length is not appropriate
  • A bit tight fittings
  • Need to work more on the size

#10 Kimobaa

Kimobaa opera gloves will guarantee you an excellent experience at the evening party and will make you the belle of the ball. These opera gloves are designed in such a way that it is soft and cozy and guarantees protection to your hands at any condition. The preferred design will bring out the womanly qualities in you. You will not regret buying these elegant opera gloves.

On the right side, these gloves are designed to be of long that guarantees perfect fitting. These  gloves are made of genuine sheepskin that contributes to the flexibility, comfort, accomplishments, as well as these gloves, are long-lasting. These are lined with fleece that protects the wearer from cold wintry months all day long.

The elbow model of these gloves will ensure a high level of comfort. The perfect fit of this glove is outstanding. The soft finger design modeled for these opera gloves is mind-blowing as they provide smooth movement of the fingers. These gloves guarantee the perfect stay of their hands for a long time. The design protects against harsh weather as it is a windcheater. The product has that feature that will never let it slip off your hands.

Overall these gloves are everything that you want for your evening parties at cold temperature. These gloves enjoy premium quality. But looking at the disadvantages, these gloves will upset you as these are not made from ventilated quality and will make your hands and fingers sweaty and uncomfortable.

The design of these opera gloves is long enough to reach the elbow, which is a bit uncomfortable when worn for a longer time. The gloves are also a bit costly. But apart from this, the gloves are beautiful.


  • Durable
  • Cozy
  • Smooth movement of the hands
  • Does not let it slip off
  • Perfect fit


  • Non-ventilated feature
  • Enhance sweating
  • Costly

Buyer Guide for the Opera Gloves Buyer

What is it?

Opera gloves are nothing but a type of formal gloves for ladies that goes up to beyond the elbow and is perfect for evening wear. They can be of different types and sizes like up to the wrist, or elbow, or full length.

This review will be great for all those retro lovers who love to experiment with their outfits. These opera gloves were considered necessary for women in the past age.

Guide to suitable length

The most appropriate measure for any perfect opera gloves is middle-bicep. 16 or 17 inches long will be great for ladies with the slim figure, but if you are a bit stout, you may require 22 inches to reach up to the desired length of middle-bicep.

These opera gloves can be worn during any formal or any evening parties, and you will stand in the limelight. The conventional way of measuring any opera gloves is by its “buttons.” One must check the sleeves before pairing with their desired gloves.


Coming to its appropriate shade, these opera gloves preferably must be worn in whites or its wide range of shades. Dark colors should always be coupled with the dark outfits and for formal events.

Dos and Don’ts – Some basics

Conventionally these opera gloves are not to be worn outside in public. Instead, put them inside your home. Putting on and off these opera gloves must be done with care. It must be worn starting from the wrist and gently pulling it up, and when taking off, the hands must be slightly shaken, and it will automatically come off.


It is disappointing that in the present days the opera gloves have been relegated only to the wedding or other ceremonies. These gloves enhance poise without much effort at your side.