10 Best Lacrosse Gloves With The Best Stick Control

Lacrosse is a physically demanding sport. To protect the hands and fingers from the cut and bruises the player  need to wear lacrosse gloves.The Lacrosse gloves are designed to offer protection to the player’s hands …

Lacrosse is a physically demanding sport. To protect the hands and fingers from the cut and bruises the player  need to wear lacrosse gloves.The Lacrosse gloves are designed to offer protection to the player’s hands and fingers from the blisters, cuts and bruises. Gloves for lacrosse are available in different designs for different purposes. Different Lacrosse gloves are designed with different purposes like protection of fingers, hand, palm and wrist. Lacrosse gloves are available in different sizes and colors.

Lacrosse gloves are not only good to protect your hands from injuries, a good lacroose gloves can help you get a better grip and control on your stick so that you will never lose the chance of winning the game. The Lacrosse gloves can also help you to gain better control of the ball and increase the velocity and accuracy of your shots. The right lacrosse gloves might help you improve your game but practice is the key. You have to train regularly to improve your control of the ball. You can also buy some premium quality lacrosse gloves to be used in training.

The Best Lacrosse Gloves Reviwed

Below is the list given for the best lacrosse gloves to win your day that will provide guaranteed flexibility.

#1 STX

STX is a trustworthy brand. The company ensures to dispatch the highest quality product by strainful work. You will be surprised by its model that looks extraordinarily beautiful. The beautiful model of these Lacrosse gloves highlights the team’s strong sense of fashion as well as their perseverance. The team members are experienced which is reflected in their work

The quality of these lacrosse gloves are outstanding and have innovative features in their design. The STX lacrosse gloves have a breathable system in the palm area. This feature ensures that you will never sweat too much, nor will you feel your palms sweating.

Therefore this feature allows you to hold the bat more precisely and will enable you to play with all your strength. Your hands will be more ventilated as the air keeps circulating all over your hands and palm, which will have a tremendously good effect on the sport.

The ventilation system of these lacrosse gloves prevents a foul smell from spreading. These gloves are designed in such a way that they are super light on the hands and thus allow the player to play quickly. The shell of these lacrosse gloves is made of polyester material that proves to be of super quality. Therefore the gloves ensure durability and also guarantees to protect your hand for a long time.

The STX Company has manufactured a lacrosse gloves named Lacrosse Cell 3 Glove, which is, in fact, a mid-tier glove. Therefore these lacrosse gloves are eye-catching. These gloves are way too stylish as well as manly, which adds a captivating factor in them. These lacrosse gloves have a wide range of colors that suit the wearers according to what they prefer or how they taste.

STX lacrosse  gloves have been made with Geo-flex technology that distributes the energy consistently all over the gloves. These lacrosse gloves have been designed in a way that allows proper movement between the fingers and the thumb. Moreover, apart from colors, these lacrosse gloves come in a wide variety of sizes, and the wearer will not regret buying these gloves. The burn-in time of these STX lacrosse gloves is minimal, and they squeeze into the wearer’s hand very fast.

In short, these specially designed lacrosse gloves are way too defensive that promises to protect the player from any kind of cuts. But coming to its disadvantages, since the majority of the players prefer cuffs that floats, it disappoints many wearers. Since this pair of lacrosse gloves come with attached cuffs, many players turn off to these. The lacrosse gloves are a bit pricey, and as far as durability is considered, there have been many complaints.


  • Short run-in period
  • Geo-flex technology
  • Good gripping
  • Flexibility
  • Wide range of colors
  • Highly defensive


  • Expensive
  • Cuffs are attached
  • Not durable

#2 Maverik M4s

These gloves produced by the Maverik Lacrosse are of top class. This company is known to produce many other accessories. Maverik Lacrosse also models products which are internationally acclaimed with top-class design. The Maverik Lacrosse aims to provide accessories of top class to ensure the players to play their best.

These Maverick gloves are newly launched in the market. The design is quite attractive. These gloves have neat design lines, paired with an outstanding texture that complement each other so well. The neatly designed web on the palm area of the gloves ensures an excellent stick grip to the wearer which enhance comfortability.

These lacrosse gloves have been in collaboration with the traditional fit. This feature allows you to move your fingers, wrist more freely and with more definiteness. There is padding all over these lacrosse gloves, especially between the fingers and also at the back. This padding protects the hand from any kind of injuries while playing,

These lacrosse gloves are lined with 37.5TM technology. This ensures the absorption of sweat that develops on the palm and obstruct the player from performing well. Therefore the lacrosse gloves are also kept smell free.  These gloves have been made with AX Suede material that gives a softer touch to the gloves. The cuff of the glove can be adjusted according to the need of the wearer.

These lacrosse gloves give lots of protection to the Lacrosse player. They provide stability to the wearer, especially in the thumb and the index finger area. The fittings of these gloves are perfect. These gloves are flexible enough for the smooth movement of the fingers while playing and sold floating cuff provides ventilation to the fingers and prevents sweating.

The most favored lacrosse gloves made by Maverick to date are the M4s. These are highly in demand by people all over the world. These gloves are a bit costly, but they are worth the wait. Like all other gloves, this is also not flawless. The web of network that is present on the palm area is not durable as it tears apart after a few uses. The strap of Velcro is weak, which, it wears out, the lacrosse gloves become useless.


  • Appealing design
  • Highly protective
  • Highly breathable
  • Lined with 37.5 technology
  • Perfect fit
  • Absolute grip
  • AX Suede material.


  • Less durable
  • Poor strap

#3 Warrior Regulator

The Warrior Regulator gloves have been made by this premium-level brand that is known to produce the best quality lacrosse gloves for all its buyers. The team is highly qualified, and they know what is best for their buyer. The business stands on producing the premium quality brand. These lacrosse gloves are highly innovative and equipment of high- performance. This company had always portrayed their passion for these Lacrosse gloves.

The gloves have double-density foam that promises durability and mobility. The breathable feature assures necessary defense in case of tremendous pressure. The system of ventilation allows the hands to remain free of sweat all over the palm and ensure a stronger grip. These gloves are for all the age groups. The company delivers the best product, keeping in mind the needs of all the buyers.

The best lacrosse gloves of the Warrior company is the Regulator lite. The gloves are of high-level firmness and have many breaks in the finger that allows smooth movement of the hand whenever desired. The pair of lacrosse glove has a filling of textured Nash material inside the glove that increases its long-lasting effect, and the Lacrosse stick while playing the game could be well felt.

The lacrosse gloves are incorporated with True vent technology, and this technology allows proper ventilation and keeps the hand sweat-free. Therefore the hands are kept odor free inside the gloves.

There is another option that has been considered by the company, which attracts all its buyers. Coupled with high-quality material use, the gloves also have a good grip, which assures reliability to its player in all positions on the pitch. Thus it can be summarised that the warrior gloves have been a competitor in the world of gloves producing industry.

But like all other products, these Warrior Regulator Lacrosse gloves all certain disadvantages that cannot be ignored by its buyer. The company produces these gloves in a limited range of colors. Therefore these lacrosse gloves cannot please the customers whenever they like to choose colors from.

The designs of a different generation of lacrosse gloves produced by this company are more or less similar, and the buyer does not find variation regarding their design. Thus, the designs made by this company are a bit monotonous.

But ignoring its drawbacks, these lacrosse gloves are best in the world of sport and have been a leading company for years.


  • Excellent grip
  • Not bulky
  • Breathable
  • Flexibility
  • Worth the price
  • Defensive
  • Palm area has textured nash


  • Traditional design
  • Restrictive choice of colors

#4 Epoch iD

Lacrosse gloves are generally made to protect the players against any kind of injuries that occurred during sports. These gloves typically hold the right amount of padding that offers a good amount of softness. The palm area is generally made of mesh. The Epoch Company has had been making iD gloves of the same feature as of the Integra gloves. The company promises to make gloves keeping in mind the required demands of the buyers.

These lacrosse gloves are of top and premium quality that ensures to all its buyers a good amount of imperishability. The new and unique features added to these gloves keep all its buyers attracted to it. There is a wide range of choices given to all its customers. The main motive of producing the series of the iD range of the epoch company was to provide the facility to the newly rising players of the mentioned sport.

The gloves are available in a wide range of colors, and the design of these gloves is outstanding. These gloves are higher than the gloves mentioned above in terms of quality, as these gloves feature dual-density foam in three layers. The provision of foam protects you against any kind of attack and will act as a defensive guard against any injuries.

The lacrosse gloves are provided with the right amount of flexibility to its fingers as these gloves are ensured with movable joints in the finger area. These gloves are super light on their hands and contain breathable material that keeps your hand sweat-free. These lacrosse gloves are made of PU leather, which gives the best comfort in the price range offered.  These lacrosse gloves offer excellent comfortability to all its users.

Coming to its drawbacks, there is a problem in size. There is the unavailability of the perfect fit for its customers. Therefore you must know your fit to get the more or less ideal size. These lacrosse gloves are not suitable for the highly professional player and can only serve the need of the newly rising ones. Lastly, these lacrosse gloves are no durable and cannot help you for a long time.


  • Cozy
  • Defensive
  • Flexible
  • Three layers dual-density foam
  • Perfect grip
  • Not overpriced


  • Unavailability of ideal size
  • Cannot serve the professionals well

#5 Brine King

The Brine company is exceptionally professional that tries to bring to its customers, high-class products. The lacrosse gloves are also of the professional range that offers at a reasonable price. The products reflect the skill of the team members and their perseverance.

This series of the brine brand is super light on the hands of the players, which enable them to play and hold the stick well. These gloves have been ranked as the lightest when compared to other lacrosse gloves in the market. These gloves are an excellent choice for all those people who do not like bulky gear.

These gloves are incorporated with TruVent technology, which is excellent for keeping the hands breathable. This also keeps the hand sweat-free and does not let the hand stink inside the gloves. Additionally, the inside of the gloves is made of textured Nash material that guarantees an excellent grip and prevents the sticky feeling.

These lacrosse gloves of the Brine series have a good number of fan followings for several years. These lacrosse gloves are available in full range colors and offer the buyers to choose according to their preference. These gloves come with floating cuffs that provide additional comfort and convenience for use. These gloves have joints on the upper side of the lacrosse gloves that allow flexibility to all its players.

The gloves of the Brine series, which are named as the King superlight 2 lacrosse gloves, are quite inexpensive and thus are affordable by a wide range of players of every income. They are made with an absolute mid-tier and therefore are super light on the players

But unfortunately, these gloves offer little padding in some parts of the gloves. This becomes risky for all the players whenever they are hit at the less padded area. They fail in the field of defense and cannot give you the fullest protection against any attack.


  • Not bulky
  • Well ventilated
  • Cozy
  • Textured nash on the palm
  • Worth the price
  • Availability of many colors
  • Floating cuffs


  • Not very protective
  • Unavailability of perfect size

#6 Adidas Freak

Adidas is an internationally acclaimed brand that is known by a range of people. It is well known for its legacy of quality. These lacrosse gloves are of higher quality than always attracts its customer. Adidas is known to have concern for all its customers.

These Lacrosse gloves have the design of tortoise at the back, which is quite impressive and innovative. It has a touch and feel of modernity. These Adidas gloves are incorporated with amazing features that keep their customers attracted. The palm of the glove has microfibre that gives full coverage and excellent grip while playing without any effort. The product itself reflects the qualities of a right Lacrosse glove.

The Adidas Freak lacrosse gloves are designed in a way that is anatomically appealing from all angles and therefore, will guarantee you a perfect fit for your hand, which is too cozy. These lacrosse gloves come with patent climacool technology, which is used by the company for many of its products. The unique feature of this technology is that it maintains the temperature inside the gloves and allows the hand to breathe well, which helps the hand to remain moisture-free and also keeps odor at bay.

These lacrosse gloves are suitable for providing an extreme level of protection while playing and comes in PU Leather. There is adequate padding all over the lacrosse gloves, inside as well as outside in the fingers and thumb area. These lacrosse gloves are well balanced between the fittings as well as the feel while wearing them.

They have a floating wrist cuff that can be removed according to the preference of the players. This feature also offers the best combination of coziness and breathable quality. These lacrosse gloves are best suitable for the professional level player who play hard-core games and need stronger lacrosse gloves that should be long-lasting and should guarantee better performance. Thus, all these qualities are available in this series of the Adidas, and the price which it offers is worth the money as far as its facilities are concerned.

Now coming to its drawbacks, even though Adidas provides a high-quality product, yet it offers the most expensive price among all the leading brands in the industry, leading with lacrosse gloves. Thus these gloves cannot be afforded by everyone. They are mainly for high ranking and too professional players.

As far as the issue of durability arises, it upsets us as the seam present on the palm is vulnerable to breakage and therefore does not last long. Though the lacrosse gloves are covered, the outer side of the gloves provide less padding which does not protect the player so well


  • Climacool technology is used
  • Cozy
  • Variety of colors
  • Breathable
  • Excellent grip
  • Attractive design


  • Seem does not long last
  • Pricey
  • Less protection

#7 Under Armour Command Pro 2

This company is best for imagining beyond the traditional rules as it is known for breaking several conventional limits in the use of materials. It produces high-quality products that appeal to all the players. The success of any company depends on the passion as well as the determination of its owner and team members. And this is absolutely true in their case as their products speak for itself.

The Under Armour Company produced Command Pro 2, keeping in mind the requirement and the necessity of its player. Therefore the gloves are super light weighted, and it ranks first in it. These gloves are way too flexible and allow the player to move their hands in any direction since they are ensured with break joints for the natural movement of the gloves.

They also have gloves for the defensemen and midfielders, which are specially designed to provide more comfort and feel for their job. They come with thin fabric in the palm area that provides most ventilation in comparison to other lacrosse gloves available in the market.

The design of the Under Armour Command Pro 2 has a very sophisticated design. These gloves look like the close touch gloves, which are also lightweight. The modern design of these Lacrosse gloves guarantees smooth adaptation into the hands.

The product has break-in joints, which give flexibility to the hand in all directions, along with mobility. It allows an excellent breathable facility that does not allow the palms to sweat. There is an ergonomic base for a perfect fit with maximum mobility and minimum restrictions. This glove has a brief break-in period.

The gloves have the unique feature of the suspension pads in the gloves that makes it different from all other gloves in the market, producing such products. This helps the pad to stretch or bend for absolute coziness. There are also two slits at the backside of the cuff, which is suitable for all those defensive players who are mainly attackers.

Although, this company produces long-lasting products, yet the palm of the glove contains thin fabric that makes it less durable. Therefore the gloves are not as protective as they are expected. Also, there is a restrictive availability of colors, which becomes monotonous for the people.


  • Not bulky
  • Excellent breathable facility
  • Short-run in time
  • Suspension pad
  • Flexible


  • Not durable
  • Restrictive color varieties.
  • Less protective

#8 Nike Vapor

Like Adidas, Nike is also an internationally acclaimed company famous for their shoes, clothes, and other sports equipment. This company is mainly famous among those people who love sports and produces the best of its kind. The team members are exceptionally skilled in designing their various products of games. The Vapor LT has been developed recently as an inspiration to the success that the owner has achieved.

The design of this latest development is quite bold that appeals to the players. A combination of textured Nash and Mesh material is present on the palm area that allows ventilation keeps the hand free of sweat. As a result, the hands are kept odor-free.

The company has incorporated a dual-density foam that promises to all its buyers an excellent level of flexibility, and the buyers can move their hands without any restrictions since they are also available with mid-break joints in the finger area.

These gloves are provided with a stable grip giving satisfaction to all its buyers to hold the stick and play like a pro. The company has improved many of the features of its earlier designs and this reflected in their recent developments. They have proved themselves as the fierce competitor in the world of producing lacrosse gloves.

These gloves offer great transition at a very exceptional value with high mobility and flexibility. Apart from this, the company does not provide a wide range of colors, and therefore it becomes monotonous and disappointing. These lacrosse gloves lack protection at the sides.

The main motive of any company is to provide shielding against any attacks, cuts, or slashes. Since these gloves do not fulfill the criteria of its basic necessity, the price offered by the company is considered higher. Therefore these cannot be afforded by ordinary people.


  • Good grip
  • Latest design
  • Nash and mesh
  • Higher-density foam
  • Flexibility


  • Costly
  • Lack of side protection
  • Available in one color

#9 Tron Pro

Tron is known to produce the most comfortable lacrosse gloves. The goal behind any company is to provide the best quality product, and Tron has been somewhat very successful in producing one. Therefore it has been able to attract a wide range of customers from all over the world. Tron p gloves are handy in providing all types of facilities required by the players.

These gloves come with excellent quality foam that gives protection and shields the hands from any kind of cuts or slashes. These gloves are provided with air holes in the fingers as well as outside of the gloves. This feature is excellent in giving ventilation to the player while playing as well as keep the hands swear free and odorless that keep the hands fresh.

The palm area is made of suede leather that provides outstanding traction. There is a unique feel when you buy these gloves. None will regret purchasing this product as they are the best of their kind. There is a good grip that allows the player to hold the stick very firmly without any restriction. This enhances the confidence of the player. The gloves also provide a good density of foam that gives durability to the product.

The professional player can best buy this as it is for their needs and preference. There are features to protect the fingers as well as the bone. These are super light throughout the hands and especially the thumb during the high intensity of playing. The foam material provides a high level of protection and shields the hands from any injuries.

Without any doubt, Tron pro lacrosse gloves are the best to date, but there are certain drawbacks. Due to the presence of ultra-absorbent material, the gloves absorb a tremendous amount of sweat. As a result of absorbing the sweat, they tend to produce smell inside the gloves.

There is the availability of only one color that does not give the buyer the chance to choose. The design is not at all attractive to its buyer as the surface is flat at the top. This flat surface prevents the gloves from breaking in quickly. Therefore the break-in time is extended. These lacrosse gloves are rigid, that prevents flexibility.


  • Long-lasting
  • Breathable
  • Good quality
  • Excellent grip
  • Lightweight
  • Good shielding value


  • Extreme sweat absorption
  • Produces a smell
  • Only one color
  • Run-in period is long

#10 DeBeer

Like all other companies, DeeBeer also provides lacrosse gloves of high quality. The Debeer has produced the tempest women’s glove, which is of the highest quality. The gloves are designed in a way that allows it to wash in the machine. The gloves are made of very thin Amara palm that guarantees long-lasting as well as excellent grip.

There is a dual closure system for easy adjustment. The lightweight fabric used in the lacrosse gloves promises a tight fit as well as a good feeling when the sticks are held. These gloves are available in a limited range.

The price is very reasonable and can be afforded by all the levels of people. They are provided by the all-weather grip, which allows all-round better grip protection and excellent flexibility.

Coming to its disadvantages, the gloves are equipped with pads that are not enough for shielding against any kind of slashes. Lastly, the sizing of the glove is a significant problem with several complaints all over the world.

The lacrosse gloves are an essential part of the game which keep men out of ant injuries or attack and provide 100% grip strength. A hit on the hands during the lacrosse game feels as if the hand would fall off. These lacrosse gloves act as a savior to the player. These gloves also provide warmth to the hands and keeps them flexible.


  • Good grip
  • Flexibility
  • The wrist can be adjusted
  • Cheap


  • Less shielding
  • No perfect size
  • Restrictive color options

Lacrosse Gloves Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking for the best lacrosse gloves that will suit your needs, whether if you are already playing lacrosse or want to start playing lacrosse its can be a bit confusing which lacrosse gloves you need to buy.If you  can not decide what and how to buy the lacrosse gloves, then below is the list that you should consider when you buy one. Anyone purchasing the lacrosse gloves must feel the grip, ventilation, warmth, and protection of the gloves. Lacrosse is a game that is played at high speed. There is a lot of hard work in running around the field at such high speed, and therefore sweating is very natural. Thus the lacrosse gloves should be made in such a way that it provides with anti-sweat material to absorb the sweat and keep the hand odorless and less sticky.


The thumb of the glove is essential in deciding whether the gloves are beneficial or not. A lot of padding at the thumb is significant for proper protection. Therefore light-weighted lacrosse gloves are essential to feeling free.

Lacrosse Gloves Liner

The lining inside the  gloves is crucial as the amount of warmth depends upon the quality, as well as the material used. It increases the durability of the lacrosse gloves. These liners can be nylon as well as anti-sweat material for the sweat absorption.

Comfort of the Lacrosse Gloves

Before buying a glovse, it is essential to know which glove provides maximum support while playing and can win your game. The fitting must be perfect.

Lacrosse Gloves Palm

The material used on the palm of the gloves is vital as it is responsible for the good gripping of the stick. You must consider that the best lining used is either mesh or suede.

Ventilation of the Lacrosse Gloves

Ventilation of the gloves is essential for the hand to keep it moisture free and for your all-round comfort and also to prevent the spreading of odor.

Lacrosse Gloves Grip

The most important part to be considered when buying a lacrosse gloves is that the glove should provide you with the maximum grip to hold on your stick and to strengthen your capability to control the ball.

The lacrosse gloves are usually tight-fitted when bought new but stretches 2 to 3 inches after few uses. After the break-in process, the lacrosse gloves ensure you the best grip you can ever imagine. It is to be noted that the lacrosse gloves must be rough enough to break in quickly. Then water must be sprinkled over the gloves and then immerse in a lather to keep it moist.


As there are many different gloves on the market, we recomand you to focus on gloves from one of the leading brands in the market (STX, Maverik or Warrior), it can be tricky to know which one to choose. The main difference between lacrosse gloves is the the amount of protection the provide. The more protection, The heavier the lacrosse gloves. You should decide how much protection you will need. If you are a beginner, you may want to choose something with a little less protection. If you are a more advanced player, you may want to look at something with more protection.