The 10 Best Kickboxing Gloves Review

The right pair of kickboxing gloves can make you feel a lot more confident when you’re in a ring. The right gloves also ensure that your hands are protected when you train or spar. Contents …

The right pair of kickboxing gloves can make you feel a lot more confident when you’re in a ring. The right gloves also ensure that your hands are protected when you train or spar.

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But you must know that different kickboxing gloves are meant for different tasks.

Each glove has a unique set of strengths and shortcomings – some kickboxing gloves feel fantastic when working the bag, but feel uncomfortable in sparring sessions. Other kickboxing gloves feel perfect to heavy punchers, but turn out to be very uncomfortable to light punchers.

Quality kickboxing gloves are expensive, and before you shell out any cash, you must take the time to find gloves that meet your needs.

In this post, our experts will review the best kickboxing gloves in the market and help you pick the right gloves for comfort & dexterity.

10 Best Kickboxing Gloves in The Market

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

Cleto Reyes Leather High Top Lace Up Boxing Shoes
Wide upper and laces eliminate flexion strain and provide comfortable fit. Check On Amazon

Twins Special Boxing Gloves Velcro
Twins Special Velcro Boxing Gloves, Twins, Velcro. Check On Amazon

Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki 4oz Pro Style MMA Gloves
The T3 Kanpeki MMA Boxing Gloves are 100% premium full-grain leather. Check On Amazon

Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves
These all-purpose training gloves are perfect for bag and pad work. Check On Amazon

WINDY Leather Muay Thai Training Sparring Gloves
Convenient Hook & Loop closures, Dense multi-layered foam padding. Check On Amazon

RDX Boxing Gloves for Training Muay
S.P.P technology provides natural airing and decreases sweat while you train. Check On Amazon

Venum Challenger 3.0 Boxing Gloves
Triple layers construction with improved shock absorption. Check On Amazon

King Muay Thai Boxing Gloves
Free Shipping upgrade. Gloves ship expedited with standard shipping cost. Check On Amazon

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves
Wrap-around hook and loop strap closure. Check On Amazon

Steel Sweat Boxing Gloves
Using our Senshi boxing gloves, your hands will feel snug and protected inside. Check On Amazon

#1 Cleto Reyes Lace

Cleto Reyes Leather High Top Lace Up Boxing Shoes Cleto Reyes Leather High Top Lace Up Boxing Shoes Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/16/2020

Professional boxer Manny Pacquiao always wears for Cleto Reyes gloves in the ring – and for good reason. Cleto Reyes is a well-established brand in the kickboxing industry, best-known for supplying high-quality gloves that boast innovative and fresh designs.

The brand flaunts its incredible craftsmanship elegantly – utilizing the traditional Mexican glove design and delivering a sleek look. The lace gloves offer multi-purpose functionality and are an excellent option for amateurs and professionals alike.

While Cleto Reyes promises strict quality control, there are some recurring issues the brand never addresses. The stitching of the gloves is known to come apart, particularly the stitching that connects the thumb to the glove.

Also, the logo on the top of the glove comes off easily, which is a disappointing manufacturing error considering the price point. While professional boxers like the overall quality, they criticize the cost of the gloves.

But it’s important to note that while some have had a bad experience with the gloves, others swear by them. There is a reason why the brand is so famous within the kickboxing and MMA communities.

Premium quality comes with a premium price. These Cleto Reyes gloves are made with 100% real leather and will last you years before wearing out. The manufacturing process binds the leather with durable foam padding, giving you the protection you expect from premium gloves.

Its satin nylon lining ensures that moisture doesn’t get trapped in the padding, and prevents odor caused by sweat. One pitfall of buying these gloves is that the lace-up design prevents you from putting the gloves on by yourself, and you will need someone to do this for you.

The Cleto Reyes Lace gloves are recognizable by their cool aesthetic and come in various colors. However, aside from the cool looks the gloves flaunt, they are specifically designed to provide you with protection you can count on.

Safety is always the biggest consideration in kickboxing, and the gloves deliver ample protection.

The extra-long wrist cuffs ensure that your wrists are secure when your train. The attached thumbs protect your thumbs from injury and keep your partner’s eyes protected.

While the gloves are durable and built to last long, the extended break-in times are a definite downside. Only after you put them through a few rounds of sparring, or work a bag with them for a while, the gloves will loosen up just enough for you to feel comfortable – but not enough to sacrifice on form or protection.

The Cleto Reyes Lace gloves offer some fantastic benefits and have some unexpected drawbacks. The less-than-apt quality control in manufacturing is a huge drawback, especially considering the price point.

However, the gloves are incredibly popular, and also offer stellar protection and comfort that makes them suitable for both amateurs and professionals alike.

If you don’t mind the label falling off, these kickboxing gloves are an excellent option that will last you years.

  • 100% real leather
  • Water repellent lining
  • Extra-long cuffs make for excellent wrist safety
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Stylish design
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Must look out for sizing chart

#2 Twins Special BGVL-3

Twins Special Boxing Gloves Velcro Twins Special Boxing Gloves Velcro Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/16/2020

Twins Special is one of the best-known brands in Muay Thai – you’ve probably seen or heard of them if you watch the sport or go to a gym. The brand is based out of Thailand – the birthplace of Muay Thai – and is a popular choice for kickboxers.

The BGVL-3 gloves are versatile – they work great regardless of if you’re training MMA, kickboxing, boxing, or Muay Thai.

These gloves are an excellent fit for most hand sizes, and they tend to feel very comfortable. However, if you have bigger hands or long fingers, these gloves will feel snug to you – but this is both a disadvantage and a benefit.

The gloves feel less snug to those with bigger hands when compared to gloves from other brands. If you prefer kickboxing gloves with a super-snug fit, you must buy gloves from another brand.

The Twins Special BGVL-3 delivers everything you would expect out of a quality pair of gloves. The extra cushioning that the gloves come with sets them apart from other gloves, and enable you to train and fight without worrying if your hands are protected well enough.

The extra padding is a huge reason why the gloves are so popular amongst kickboxes. But you must keep in mind that while the padding is robust, the gloves have a shorter design, and offer considerably less wrist support than other gloves.

The BGVL-3 gloves redeem themselves by boasting superior durability – they exceed expectations on all counts. Even when used every day, the gloves are known to last for years before wearing out.

But they’re not known for good aesthetics. The gloves are made with premium-quality leather and come in several different colors – they are simple-looking, yet exceptionally reliable.

The brand has become a staple in Muay Thai, and the BGVL-3 gloves are an excellent choice regardless of what kind of kickboxing you train.

You cannot go wrong with these – they last for years and offer excellent protection that only a few other gloves provide.

  • 100% real leather
  • Highly durable – they last for years
  • Superior knuckle protection
  • Thick padding makes for excellent protection
  • Not as snug as some other gloves
  • Won’t work for those with large hands
  • Lack of wrist support
  • Stiff and tight

#3 Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki

Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki 4oz Pro Style MMA Gloves Price: Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki 4oz Pro Style MMA Gloves Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/16/2020

Hayabusa was founded in 2006 and has since established itself as a leading brand in the boxing world. The premium quality of their gear has enabled Hayabusa to partner with massive brands like Marvel and Unbreakable.

The company takes the non-traditional approach and relies on research to build higher quality gear that lasts longer. The T3 Kanpeki gloves are one of their state-of-the-art offerings.

Unlike gloves from other brands, the T3 Kanpeki gloves are thin and don’t have much padding. They also do not cover your fingers and don’t offer protection for your thumbs.

One might entirely disregard the gloves as a purchase option upon hearing this, but there’s more to the gloves. The padding that the gloves supply is rigid and dense – it is unlikely that the padding will ever shift regardless of hard you punch.

Owning to the rigid padding, the protection the gloves offer is reliable – your knuckles and hands are completely safe. Some users even argue that the protection the T3 gloves provide is a lot better than regular kickboxing gloves, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference.

If you’re training and won’t be in a fight anytime soon, you should consider other gloves. While the dense padding offers top-notch protection, it also increases the strike impact of the punches you land. The padding is more concentrated and less distributed, which is why the gloves aren’t a popular choice for sparring.

The lack of thumb and finger protection is another disadvantage, but the gloves make up for it by boosting your speed. Hayabusa’s T3 Kanpeki’s are a lot lighter than other run-of-the-mill gloves and don’t demand as much energy to use.

Using these gloves is likely to give you a performance and endurance boost and enable you to train for longer. But there is one downside – you will need to train with them for quite a bit before you break them in.

On the plus side, the gloves leave your fingers exposed, enabling you to grapple opponents with ease. If you’re not exclusively boxing and train mixed martial arts, the T3 Kanpeki’s are an excellent option.

The gloves are made from 100% real leather and come lined with anti-microbial material that keeps them fresh for longer. The material used, coupled with excellent quality control, ensures that these last long.

The dual-X Velcro straps stabilize the wrists and ensure solid form. The straps also help prevent injury.

Before purchasing them, there are two things to keep in mind. First, these are gloves specifically meant for mixed martial arts – they aren’t right for boxing.

Second, finding the right glove size will require trial and error – but this goes for gloves from other brands.

Beyond these considerations, the gloves are an all-round solid choice.

  • High-quality leather design
  • Anti-microbial lining
  • Lightweight
  • Dual-X wrist straps
  • Rugged and durable
  • No thumb protection
  • Less padding
  • Not multi-purpose

#4 Fairtex BGVA

Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/16/2020

Fairtex shares its roots with Muay Thai deeply – the company is based out of Thailand and was founded in Bangkok.

While Fairtex opened its doors only about a decade ago, they’ve already received worldwide recognition for their gear. The brand has won the “Best MMA Gloves” award at the World MMA Awards.

The Fairtex training gloves are multi-purpose gloves that come at a low price. However, they aren’t right for everybody.

Many Fairtex BGV1 users complain about the quality of the gloves. While the company claims that the material used is 100% real leather, users state that the gloves look and feel mediocre.

Many customers also complain that they’ve received the wrong glove size. These gloves run small, so you must make sure you order a bigger size than you need.

Despite the criticism about the quality of the gloves, the Muay Thai community still supports the brand. Its padding offers excellent support and protection, and unlike the T3 Kanpeki, the padding is evenly distributed across the gloves.

The gloves work well when sparring, working a bag, and training with mitts, and the low price and great padding makes it perfect for someone who is starting out. But you must keep in mind that you cannot count on the BGVA’s to last long.

The Velcro straps make the gloves easy to slip on, and they feel comfortable even when wearing hand wraps. The design supplies extra wrist protection – your form will remain stable all through your training sessions.

While the gloves come in many different sizes and colors, you will have trouble finding the right size. The problem of finding the right size is common in the industry, and some brands and glove styles pose a higher risk of not fitting well than others.

The Fairtex BGVAs seems to be among this variety, but other than that, they supply excellent value for the money.

  • Affordable
  • Excellent padding
  • Robust wrist support
  • Multi-purpose gloves
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Sizing issues

#5 Windy

WINDY Leather Muay Thai Training Sparring Gloves WINDY Leather Muay Thai Training Sparring Gloves Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/16/2020

Windy used to be the top supplier of Muay Thai sports equipment back in the day but now is overshadowed by some of the newer companies in the industry.

However, its influence over the community still lingers – and this is because they are one of the only brands that do not focus on brand building or accessibility, but on improving the utility of the gear they make.

While the Windy gloves look very similar to the Twins Special gloves, they are a lot more affordable in comparison. But their affordability comes at the cost of durability.

If you train frequently, you cannot expect these gloves to last any longer than a year.

While the price is low, you may find yourself shelling out cash for another pair of gloves sooner rather than later.

The padding of the Windy gloves feels dense – so much so that it sometimes makes them difficult to use for sparring. Another issue with the gloves is that their weight isn’t balanced well. You are likely to feel pressure on your wrists with these on.

But when it comes to protection, these are hard to beat. The Windy gloves have four layers of foam padding and virtually guarantee your safety regardless of how hard you work the bag or mitts.

Compared to the Twins Special, though, it feels like they pack a similar punch and offer the same protection. While the Windy gloves are cheaper, they lack the comfort and quality that the Twins Special gloves provide.

It’s not all bad – since the gloves are made from leather, they are reasonably durable, and they also offer excellent wrist support and over-the-knuckle padding. The fit is snug, and while the gloves work best when training Muay Thai, they are also apt for training other forms of martial art.

Overall, the Windy gloves are a decent pair of kickboxing gloves, and while they do have faults, the gloves are known to work wonderfully for bag work.

The quality and durability are above average, and they will last you a lot longer than an average run-of-the-mill pair of affordable gloves.

  • Affordable
  • An excellent choice for bag work
  • Attached thumb
  • Multi-purpose
  • Not very durable
  • Very dense padding

#6 RDX

RDX Boxing Gloves RDX Boxing Gloves Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/16/2020

RDX Sports is a British brand that supplies gear of impressive quality at affordable prices. The brand’s sparring gloves are made out of cowhide leather and strike the right balance between affordability and quality.

The gloves run tight, which can feel unappealing to many, and wearing hand wraps is next to impossible with the gloves because they’re so tight.

However, for the price, the RDX cowhide leather gloves deliver unmatched quality. They are made out of 100% real leather, and they feel rugged and durable. You never have to worry about wearing them out quickly – you can go as hard as you want as often as you like.

RDX’s trademark gel lining keeps your hands safe since the lining absorbs a lot of the shock from the impact of your strike. One of the best things about the lining is that there is no trade-off – they remain comfortable, and the lining helps wick sweat away.

The hook-and-loop closure enables you to easily slip them on and off, and fit-wise, the RDX gloves remain consistently comfortable.

Despite having an extra-snug fit, the gloves are well-liked and exceed expectations on all counts. If you’re on a tight budget, these gloves will not disappoint.

  • Uses real leather
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Attached thumb
  • Extra-snug fit

#7 Venum Challenger 3.0

Venum Challenger 3.0 Boxing Gloves Venum Challenger 3.0 Boxing Gloves Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/16/2020

Venum first began selling combat gear in the early 2000s and has since grown to become one of the biggest brands in the MMA world. They are known for the high-quality products they sell at affordable prices, and their gear is an excellent choice for athletes that practice any martial arts discipline.

The Challenger 3.0 gloves from Venum are the perfect choice for beginners and amateurs, and while they pack a punch for the price, they are not right for more seasoned boxers.

The Challenger 3.0 gloves run large, and you will need to buy a smaller size for them to fit you right – unless you have larger hands or want room for hand wraps. While the gloves make for great starter or backup gloves, the low price point leads to sacrifice quality and durability.

The gloves come with three layers of padding, keeping your hands protected, and the neoprene lining wicks away sweat, adding to the comfort the padding supplies.

These aren’t as durable as some other gloves on this list, but they offer excellent value for the price. You can expect them to be a bit stiffer than more expensive pairs, though.

Design-wise, they hit all the marks – the gloves are available in eight colors and feature some of the coolest designs of all gloves on this list.

If you’re beginning your journey in martial arts, you cannot go wrong with these gloves – as long as you get the right fit.

More experienced boxers require gloves that are a lot more robust and durable. We do not recommend getting this if you’re a seasoned boxer with specific preferences.

  • Affordable
  • Attractive
  • High value for money
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Do not last long
  • Size runs large

#8 Top King Super Star

King Muay Thai Boxing Gloves King Muay Thai Boxing Gloves Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/16/2020

Top King gear is very popular both in the Muay Thai community and in other martial arts communities. The brand is based out of Thailand, and it dedicates itself to manufacturing top of the line fighting gear.

Regardless of what gear you’re looking for, you cannot go wrong buying Top King.

The gloves are on the pricier end, but you get what you pay for – high-quality gloves that last long. But aside from the higher-than-standard price, there is another drawback with these gloves.

Many professional boxers that use the gloves complain that after repeated use, their knuckles begin to hurt. The gloves could use better padding.

If you don’t mind shelling out a little extra for quality, you will be pleased with the comfort the Top King Super Start gloves offer.

The gloves feature a 100% real leather build, which makes them super durable. These won’t crack, even with heavy use. The padding is firm and thick, but just thick enough to keep the gloves from becoming too heavy or bulky.

They’re perfect for all types of training, and while breaking them in will take a bit of training and use, the pair will last you years before wearing out.

The gloves are snug, but not too tight or uncomfortable, and provide adequate wrist and knuckle protection. The shock-absorbent foam that the gloves come with help keep you protected during high-intensity training.

Top King Super Stars are available in multiple colors – making them stand out just as much in appearance as they do in fit.

While the gloves are large and protective, they’re an excellent option regardless of if you’re training Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing, or MMA.

  • True to size gloves
  • 100% real leather
  • Stylish design
  • Durable gloves
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Excellent padding keeps you protected
  • Lackluster wrist support when compared to other gloves
  • Expensive

#9 Everlast Pro

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/16/2020

Learning kickboxing requires you to have the right type of protection – and gloves are an essential type of protection.

Everlast’s Pro Kickboxing gloves offer a lot of features that provide a high level of protection. They are also very comfortable to wear, which makes the gloves perfect for use by beginners.

While you need to use both your feet and hands to land strikes, you also need them for blocking blows from your opponent. The quality of the Everlast Pro gloves helps minimize the effect of blocked blows and helps keep injuries to a minimum when you’re training.

The consensus about the Everlast Pros is very positive, and the gloves are considered to be some of the best gloves for beginner boxers. If you’re looking to get a taste of what kickboxing is like, these are the gloves you should go for.

The protection that a pair of gloves offer depends on the foam padding they include. In kickboxing, gloves with a layer of gel are preferred over foam, but gel padding is typically only offered in more expensive gloves, and the Everlast Pro gloves do not have a gel padding.

The wrist support feels a little flimsy and could use a bit more strength to ease the tension in the wrists. Another drawback is that while the first glove slips on easily, the padding makes it hard to put on the second glove by yourself.

The gloves need a tab of cloth or other material that enables you to pull the second glove up yourself. It would make you self sufficient in your training.

The Everlast Pros come lined with C4 Foam tech, giving you both: a better grip and more protection from strikes. The design is ergonomic, and you will stay comfortable during long training sessions.

If you’re looking to train hard, you don’t need to worry about the gloves’ durability. The covering is wear-resistant, making the gloves long-lasting.

The gloves come in three colors and are offered at different price points – you should do your research before you purchase to make sure you get the best price.

If you want some kickboxing gloves that offer ample protection at a low price, the Everlast Pros are right for you. These are perfect for introductory sessions and come with a one-year warranty, which is super reassuring.

But if you’re at the amateur level or above, you will need a more substantial pair of gloves.

  • C4 Foam makes for better grip and supplies excellent protection
  • Ergonomic design maximizes comfort
  • Durable and wear-resistant covering
  • One-year warranty
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Excellent padding keeps you protected
  • Made for beginners – not right for seasoned boxers
  • Wrist support lack robustness

#10 Steel Sweat

Steel Sweat Boxing Gloves Steel Sweat Boxing Gloves Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 10/16/2020

The Steel Sweat gloves are a cut above the rest for the price they come at. The design is nothing short of exceptional, and they are the perfect pair of training gloves regardless of what your skill level is or what discipline you practice.

The gloves deliver a lot of value for money and do not leave much to complain about. The only major drawback of the gloves is that they tend to be stiff and take a while to break-in. However, on further consideration, there aren’t any premium quality gloves that are easy to break-in, so it’s par for the course.

The design conforms to the natural curve of your hands, which makes the gloves incredibly comfortable to wear. Getting them on and taking them off is easy with the hook-and-loop closure, and the holes in the palms of the gloves make it breathable, making them more comfortable.

The gloves are specifically designed to keep the hands and the wrists aligned, which helps your form and prevents injury while ensuring that you can still throw powerful punches. The multiple layers of foam padding helps prevent bruising of the knuckles, and the attached thumb ensures that both you and your sparring partner are safe.

Aesthetically, the gloves stand out with their sleek and cool design, and the all-black leather finish seals the attractive appeal of the gloves.

The gloves are durable and designed to withstand heavy training. The Steel Sweat gloves are impressive at all counts – from cost to comfort to design.

You can’t go wrong with these.

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Excellent design
  • Comfortable
  • Attached thumb
  • Excellent padding keeps you protected
  • Stiff and challenging to break-in

Kickboxing Gloves Buyer’s Guide

There is a lot to consider when buying kickboxing gloves, and if it’s your first pair you’re looking for, there are several things you need to understand. The first thing to do is think about where you are in your journey of learning martial arts.

Gloves come in different sizes and shapes, have different densities, and also different weights. These different characteristics of gloves affect you differently depending on your skill level.

It is essential to get an idea about what these characteristics have to do with your choice in gloves, and how the characteristics determine if you’ve made a good or a bad purchase.

A lot goes into finding the right pair of kickboxing gloves, with this helpful guide, finding the perfect pair will become as convenient as possible.

Use these helpful tips to find the perfect pair for you:

Know Yourself

Your fighting style – or simply – how you fight plays is an important consideration when finding a pair of kickboxing gloves.

How you throw your punch, and also your taste in style, must be taken into consideration.

Liking the gloves you wear and feeling comfortable in them gives you a confidence boost, which can mean a difference in the outcome of a fight.

Know Your Brand

If you’re purchasing gloves for the first time, you will need to learn how to tell the difference between the gloves from your favorite brand and a pair of knock-offs. It can save you a lot of money.

There are several sellers in the market, and many of them sell their gear for very cheap. It is easy to purchase a cheap pair of gloves thinking they’re the real deal accidentally.

However, if you are bound by a budget and cheap gloves are the only ones you can buy, you must make sure that they can be replaced.

Type of Gloves

There are many different types of gloves used in different martial arts disciplines, and you must buy the ones that are right for your training.

You will find many gloves in the market explicitly designed for western styles of boxing – Muay Thai, MMA, and kickboxing. While inter-disciplinary use is common, you must know how each glove functions, and only then will you be able to make the right choice.

Regular boxing gloves provide additional wrist support, making them the right choice for heavy punching. On the other hand, Muay Thai gloves supply thicker padding, which helps cushion the impact of kicks and blows. The thicker padding is one of the primary reasons why kickboxers prefer using Muay Thai gloves.

MMA gloves are different from both Muay Thai and traditional boxing gloves, and this is because MMA fighters tend to move more. The gloves are designed to help fighters protect their hands while still being able to grab and punch having them on.

The fingers in the gloves are exposed to help with grappling, and the padding is also a lot lighter when compared to boxing gloves. Regular boxing gloves tend to weigh between 10 and 14 pounds, while MMA gloves weigh no more than four pounds.

However, if you need gloves for multi-disciplinary training, it is always better to go with the Muay Thai or traditional boxing gloves, since they offer more protection.


The size is by far the most important characteristic you must gauge in any pair of gloves. Boxing gloves are measured in weight, which typically ranges from 8-16 ounces.

Before you pick a pair of gloves, you must first measure the circumference of your hand. Make sure that you measure along the fleshiest part of your hand. It is across your palm and below the knuckles.

The gloves must fit you snugly – they shouldn’t be too loose, else the gloves won’t provide the protection they are designed to provide.

After you find a glove that fits your hand perfectly, choose a weight according to your height and weight. Lighter gloves are right for when you’re competing. 12oz gloves are right for general-purpose training, and 14oz gloves and above are used for sparring.


The whole reason behind why you must wear gloves is to stay protected.

Learning a martial art can and will cause injury, and the best gloves are the ones that supply protection without compromising on comfort or mobility.

You must ensure that your gloves offer reliable wrist support and make your form stable. Getting gloves with attached thumbs is always safer for both you and your sparring partner.

Another significant consideration is the thickness of the padding. Thicker padding across the knuckles can save you from a lot of pain and bruising.


Boxing gloves are made from different materials, and not all materials supply the same comfort.

Vinyl gloves tend to be the cheapest gloves are work fine for beginners, but you cannot expect them to last long.

Synthetic leather gloves are intermediates in terms of both quality and price.

Purchasing 100% leather gloves is the right way to go if you’re a serious athlete. Keep in mind that these gloves aren’t cheap, but they last for a lot longer.


While durability largely depends on the material of the gloves, the quality of the material also plays a significant role.

The intensity and frequency of your training determine how long a pair will last. How you store the gloves and how well you care for them also determines the life of your gloves.

Some brands tend to supply longer-lasting gloves when compared to others – so make sure you do your due diligence.

If you don’t want to buy new gloves every few months, it is better to spend a little more and get a pair that lasts longer.


Most gloves either have a Velcro or a lace-up closure. These don’t make a difference in performance, and which one you pick depends on your personal preferences.

Lace-up gloves have that classic aesthetic, but they tend to be inconvenient for training. Velcro gloves are popular because they enable you to be self-sufficient when you train.


Many gloves have moisture-wicking linings that help keep your hands dry and the gloves free from odor. However, you are still going to sweat. The moisture from your hands will destroy your gloves faster than rough use will.

Regardless of what kind of gloves you buy, or what material the gloves are made from, you must always dry your gloves after use. It is a cardinal rule of glove maintenance.

If you live somewhere humid, you must store your gloves in a completely dry space to ensure the gloves’ longevity.

If you train every day, try and get two pairs of gloves, and rotate them out. This way, you won’t be using the same pair every day.


Finding a decent pair of gloves is a lot easier than finding a pair that was meant for you. Ask your trainers or friends that also train about what gloves might suit you best.

Keep in mind that buying cheaper gloves will likely end up costing you more in the long run.

Above all, however, you must prioritize protection to avoid unnecessary injuries.

With this list handy, you’ll find the right pair in no time.