Are There Heat Mittens for Arthritis?

Arthritis is quite a common disease all around the world. A survey shows that as many as 350 million people have arthritis worldwide, 40 million are only from the US. And the most critical fact is that 1/4th of all these arthritis patients are kids.

Among different types of arthritis present worldwide, the most common of them is hand arthritis. Although hand arthritis is not that severe for an individual’s health, it can still be excruciating at some times, as people start losing their hand muscles with immense pain, swelling, which sometimes leads to disability.  

If you have suffered from hand arthritis, you will be able to feel the pain, reduced motion, and stiffness of your hand.

I agree that no permanent solution is available for hand arthritis, but you can follow a few measures to reduce the pain. Heat therapy is one of the safest ways to eliminate the immense pain one must suffer from arthritis. 

Heat mittens, or more commonly known as heat gloves, are specially engineered for arthritis patients. But let us first understand what heat mittens are?

Heat Mittens 

After seeing arthritis symptoms, doctors usually prescribe heat mittens to the patients showing signs of hand arthritis or suffering from osteoarthritis.

Heat gloves, also known as compression gloves, are designed in such a way to provide warmth, compression, along with lightness to your muscles and joints to reduce excessive arthritis pain.

There are different types of gloves, with varying features in them that can treat the pain of arthritis, some of which includes:

  • Compression: To reduce pain.
  • Wrist Wrap: To support wrist motion.
  • Heat: To reduce stiffness and pain of hands.

Some of these gloves even have copper in them to reduce inflammation. Although heat mittens are not to cure hand arthritis, they are there to reduce the overall discomfort one might have been suffering from.

How Do Heat Mittens Work?

To answer whether heat mittens work on arthritis or not, let us first understand heat mittens’ work. Heat mittens provide warmth, pressure, and support to your hands, which will help you with arthritis.


Heat is one of the oldest cures for pain. Most people try heat therapy by taking hot tub baths or using heat pads or hot water bottles to get rid of arthritis pain. As their name suggests, heat mittens provide compression and heat to your hand, reducing inflammation and comforting hand motion, especially during winters, when the pain and discomfort reach their peak. 

These gloves contain neoprene, which absorbs your body’s heat and traps it into the mitten, providing warmth for a more extended period. Additionally, some of them even use infrared rays to provide warmth. And the woven material of gloves traps the infrared rays, keeping your hands warm.


Heat can be a savior when you are suffering from pain. But apart from the heat, mittens also provide compression to the area of pain. Compression is known to improvise the oxygen and blood flow in the body, reducing the sensation of pain. 

Compression is another relatively standard therapy used when people have arthritis. 

For compression, you can even use wrist wraps. Acupuncture is known as one of the most efficient ways to eliminate pain and enhance blood flow, which is the principle behind heat mittens.


Apart from heat and compression, an essential thing that heat mittens provide is the support to your wrist or hand. When suffering from arthritis, people usually suffer problems and pain while moving their hands. Using mitten gloves, they can get support to their hand, which will make their wrist movement easy. 

Apart from this, as Arthritis’s pain reduces when you are using heat mittens, stiffness of the hand reduces, automatically providing a better range of hand movement.

With additional support to your hand, it will become more comfortable for you to work. As per the arthritis foundation, it is a well-known fact that bandages or covering your hand works in arthritis. 

Do Heat Mittens Work for Arthritis?

I would say the answer to this question is definitely yes. No one can claim that you will get rid of arthritis after using Heat mittens, but I am sure you will feel comfortable and get rid of pain with the help of them.

The reason behind the claim can be the fact that it provides warmth, ultimately reducing pain. Additionally, heat mittens lessen stiffness and strengthen a person’s grip by providing a range of motion. The most comfortable feature of hand mittens is that you can wear them anytime, irrespective of your work. 

Whether you want relief from pain during your working hours or are willing to wake up with less stiff hands, heat mittens are going to work in either case. As they are convenient to wear and not too thick to hinder your work, you can wear them whenever you feel needed.

A report based on Therapeutic Advances in Musculoskeletal Disease shows that heat mittens have helped those who have arthritis by reducing the hand’s swelling and stiffness. Some of them have observed a better range of motion, without pain, and excellent grip after using heat mittens even for a few days. 

One more survey on how compression glove affects hand function in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis shows that hand mittens, when worn at night while sleeping, help reduce osteoarthritis pain rheumatoid, reducing swelling and stiffness.

Although these gloves are not exactly the cure for hand arthritis, they can serve you a lot when dealing with immense pain and discomfort. With all the above facts and research, I won’t be wrong to say that heat mittens do work on arthritis.


No doubt, heat mittens one of the most affordable and low-risk ways to eliminate hand and wrist arthritis pain. Heat mittens usually positively affect the pain of Arthritis, working on the theory of heat and compression. 

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