8 Best Gaming Gloves for Consoles and PC On 2021

Before gaming gloves entered our lives, gamers who looked for a more ergonomic control system were stuck with flimsy controllers that provided the bare minimum functionality. That all changed with the entry of gaming gloves …

Before gaming gloves entered our lives, gamers who looked for a more ergonomic control system were stuck with flimsy controllers that provided the bare minimum functionality. That all changed with the entry of gaming gloves into the gaming industry, which immediately became a hit with gamers worldwide.
The professional gaming gloves came with several features that were unheard of in the gaming industry at that time, including a more ergonomic design, a better grip, and, most importantly, a better control system. It’s safe to say that the most significant technological advancement in the past few years for gamers has been the introduction of gaming gloves as a viable option for those looking for a more refined gaming experience.

What Are the Best Gaming Gloves for Consoles and PC in 2021?

Today Gaming gloves are a great gaming accessory, and if you suffer from sweaty or hands while you are gaming, the suitable gloves can improve your game experience and bring the best out of you. If you are looking to buy gloves, we have the list of the best gloves for you.

Ironclad MIBR PC Gaming Gloves

Ironclad came from the work world, during the last years, took a very deep dive into the esports world. The Iron MIBR PC Gloves design allows gamers not to think about their hands while they are gaming. The focus of these gloves for PC is on temperature and moisture management to avoid sweat under different environments and keep hands dry to provide better gaming device grip.

These fingerless gloves for PC are very thin and lightweight. The gloves are designed so that each glove has a different set of features to match their specific jobs. Both of the gloves have half-finger coverage for maximum dexterity. The gaming mouse glove has ceramic material to allow better slide and more precise mouse movements. Additionally, you have a silicone grip palm to keep the mouse secure in your hand. On the keyboard glove, you have hand wrist padding for comfort in long sessions.

Overall it seems that these gloves for pc aren’t durable but will be a decent solution for sweaty hands and improving your grip.

Type of Gaming: PC

Material : Silicone

Size:  XXS / XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL

Foamy Lizard Gaming Grip Gloves Hexotech Pro Gamer

The Foamy Lizard gloves for the console are designed with console controllers in mind, but they would also work for pc gamers who need gloves for PC. These fingerless gloves have a straightforward design. They don’t have a colorful design like other gloves in the market and come only in black color.

These gloves for Xbox or Playstation have a very comfortable fit. The gloves are made of stretchable ultra-soft fabric for comfortable long gaming sessions. On the palms of the gloves, you have a kind of rubber material that assists you in getting a better controller grip. Additionally, the gloves are from very breathable fabric, which significantly helps avoid sweaty hands and maintain a firm controller grip.

Overall it seems that this gaming accessory can help gamers that suffer from sweaty palms. The exposed fingertip design allows maximum fidelity and touch-sensitive controls.

Type of Gaming: Console and PC

Material: Ultra-soft fabric

Size: M/L/XL

Ironclad Console Gaming Gloves

One other recommended glove from the house of Ironclad is the Ironclad Console  Gloves. As their name says, these are gloves for console games like Xbox or PS. These are full-finger gloves from breathable material that focus on temperature and moisture management to avoid sweat under different environments and keep hands dry to provide the gamer a better grip over the controller.

These gloves are very tight and come with a wrist strap so it’s adjustable for the tightness of what you’d like. On the palms of the gloves, we have additional padding with leather material to secure the controller in your hands and prevent slipping. With the back of the thumbs, you have fabric that allows you to wick sweat from your face, and this is a nice feature. Additionally, the inside of the fingers here is a sheer material help a lot with sweat management.

Overall we think that as the PC gloves, these gloves are not as durable. The leather material on the palm could be more grippy. But other than that, as they promised, they are doing an excellent job with sweat management and comfortability.

Type of Gaming: Console and Mobile

Material: Silicone


Americ Empire Pro Fingerless Gaming Gloves

The first thing you’ll notice about the Empire Pro Glove is its unique design. The thumb and the index fingers are fingerless, and it’s ok because these are the fingers you are using with the controller. The design of the Americ Empire Pro Gloves is for console games. These gloves are made of stretchable ultra soft fabrics.. They have grippy leather on the palm and fingers, with a breathable mesh on the back of the hand. The wrist features a velcro strap to prevent the glove from slipping.

On the palms of the gloves, we have a rubber grip array that eliminates the controller or joystick from slipping. The advanced design of these gloves and the breathable material of the gloves help with sweat management. Additionally, the gloves sit tightly on your hands and provide hand compression that helps blood keeps flowing. The glove’s design can help prevent carpal tunnel and relieve pains as a result of carpal tunnel.

Type of Gaming: Console and Mobile

Material: Ultra-soft fabric

Size: M/L/XL

CopperJoint Fingerless Compression Gloves

The CopperJoint Fingerless Compression Gloves are not explicitly designed for gaming but can help gamers deal with injuries or prevent injuries like carpal tunnel. These compression gloves for arthritis for women and men provide comfortable full-day hand support while relaxing, working, or playing. Gamers can use these compression gloves for gaming to prevent hand injuries, recovery, or pain relief.

These fingerless compression gloves for gaming are from material developed by Copper named Copper infused nylon. Unlike other fingerless gloves, they are not too tight but won’t fall off your hands and provide superior comfort and maximum support. These gloves are durable and breathable with many healing benefits. It can be a great pick if you need compression gloves for gaming.

These lightweight fingerless compression gloves will keep your hands stable and will help you deal with preventing or recovering from carpal tunnel.

Type of Gaming: PC and Console.

Material: Copper Infused Nylon

Size: S/M/L/XL

Comfy Brace Arthritis Hand Compression Gloves

Like our pick above, the Comfy Brace Arthritis Hand Compression Gloves are not a glove designed specifically for gaming but have many healing benefits that can be a great pick if you need compression gloves for gaming. Many gamers who are playing long hours are suffering or can suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and need to deal with that.

These fingerless gloves are made of high-quality cotton spandex and secure a comfortable fit, and increased mobility during the day. The continuous compression and moisture-wicking fabric enhance your blood circulation, facilitate hand dexterity, let your skin breathe, and reduce pains and swelling.

Overall, these gloves can be great carpal tunnel gloves for gaming and will help you recover from your injury without avoiding gaming.

Type of Gaming: PC and Console.

Material: High quality cotton spandex

Size: XS/S/M/L

New Fiery Phoenix Sleekz 3,000 Patented Multi-purpose Gaming Gloves

Another glove with a unique design is the New Fiery Phoenix Sleekz 3,000 Patented Multi-purpose Gloves. These gloves are limited edition and on the market only from July 2021. The first thing you notice about them is that three fingers are full-fingered, and the other two fingers are fingerless. This unique design is supposed to provide you maximum control over your video game controller. The design of the glove is anti sweating and will help with sweat monitoring.

These gloves are made of lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. The gloves come with a wrist strap, so it’s adjustable for the tightness of what you’d like. Additionally, you have advanced anti-slip silicone micro-dot array zones on the palm and fingers that provide you better grip over the controller.

Overall these gloves for Xbox/Playstation have an extraordinary design that will attract many eyes to your direction. These gloves will provide you excellent grip over the controller, excellent sweat management with a lot of finger sensitivity over the controller sticks.

Type of Gaming: Console.

Material: Lightweight breathable moisture-wicking fabric

Size: S/M/L

Bear Grips: Bear Skin Gaming Gloves

One more glove with a unique design is the Bear Skin Gloves. These gloves are four-finger tactical controller gloves for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC gaming. The main idea behind this gaming accessory is a design that maximizes the grip coverage of the gaming device while leaving your fingers with free movement.

These bear skin gaming gloves are manufactured from stretchy fabric with breathable pockets to wick up moisture for sweaty hands. You can find a silicone grip region on these gloves’ palms, which allows the gaming device not to slip from your hand.

Overall these gloves are very durable. It is effortless to put them on or off. The price is very affordable, and it’s for gamers that are mainly looking for gaming accessories that will improve their gaming device grip.

Type of Gaming: Console and PC

Material: streachy fabric

Size: S/M/L/XL

Gaming Gloves Buying Guide

Gaming gloves gamer’s requirements 

To be accepted by gamers, professional gaming gloves have to be comfortable. The most crucial aspect of any professional gaming glove is the fit. Gamers who spend hours on their game don’t want to worry about their gloves. A perfect fit makes sure that the gamer doesn’t worry about the glove. The shape and feel of the fingers and the palm is the second most crucial aspect. A good gamer’s glove can make a gamer feel like he’s almost not wearing a glove. That is the ultimate goal.

Whether gamers use a mouse and keyboard or play on a gaming console, suitable gaming gloves for pc or Xbox must offer grip. Gamers demand that their hands are in contact with the mouse or the game controller at all times. The material that makes up the glove must provide just enough grip.

Another crucial aspect of a gaming glove is wrist support. Gamers who play for hours on their game don’t want to worry about their wrist. The gaming glove wrist support must be top-notch for gamers to feel comfortable.

Finally, gaming gloves must be durable. A glove that falls apart after a few hours is not good. Suitable gloves last for years. The leading gaming gloves brands know what makes professional gaming gloves flawless and will provide gamers with only the best.

Which kind of Gaming gloves are on the market ?

Other than the gaming gloves with the unique design that started to appear on the market, we have three types of gaming gloves that we can use :

Fingerless gaming gloves

When you play for a long time, your hand will start to sweat and start to hurt. If you’re a palm grip person, then you might get blisters on your palm. If you’re a claw grip, then you’re probably getting blisters on your fingers. Either way, it’s not comfortable at all.

So, what’s the solution to this problem? A pair of fingerless gloves for gaming!

After a couple of hours of gaming, you just want to quit and rest your hands. You don’t want to keep playing even if you are winning. Fingerless gaming gloves will give you the freedom to rest your hands whenever you want. You will be fresher and won’t want to quit the game to rest your hands. After all, you can still move your mouse and click your keyboard.

Thumb gloves for gaming

The thumb gloves for gaming are also called finger gloves for gaming. The design of the gloves is unique for mobile or Ipad gamers. They help to prevent your finger from sweating while gaming. The finger gloves for gaming are made of silver fiber. The sensitive touch of this material makes the screen of the mobile or Ipad easier to control.

Many gamers suffer from sweaty fingers while gaming. If you drop some sweat on the screen, it can interrupt the touch screen of your mobile or Ipad. Finger gloves for gaming also increase sensitivity and control. Your fingers will move better on the screen, improving your performance.

Additionally, mobile gaming thumb gloves need to be breathable and keep your fingers deadly cool in the heat of the game, which will help you always have a grip on the game.

Full-Finger Gaming Gloves

You can’t almost see on the market full-finger gaming gloves design. Currently, on the market, the only manufacturer that is offering full-finger gloves is Ironclad Performance Wear. The full-finger gaming gloves are more suitable to console games or mobile games. Full finger gloves will provide you a better grip or control over the game controller. The game controller will stay secure in your hands and won’t sleep because you are suffering from sweaty hands while you are gaming.

The gloves will also provide you with comfort. The use of full-finger gaming gloves will provide you with the maximum comfort that you can ever find. The main reason behind this is that the gaming gloves are made of soft material that will help you use the gaming device correctly. The gloves are from fabric and are very breathable and help you with the sweat management and the fingers sensitivity over the controller sticks. The advantages of these gloves also make them a good option when you are looking for gaming gloves for mobile.

Do I need thick or thin gaming gloves ?

When gaming, you need to have a certain level of sensitivity in your fingers to feel everything going on in the game. A certain level of sensitivity means that your gloves should not add extra weight or any resistance to your fingers. Having a too-thick glove will add resistance to your fingers and to the mouse you are using. Not only that, but the thickness of the gloves may make it more difficult to grip the mouse. Thin gloves also allow you to use the “palm grip,” the most popular way to play.

The fit of the gloves is essential to determine how good they are. The gloves should fit snug on your hands without having too much extra material. A good pair of thin gloves for gaming will fit like a second skin on your hands. Also, if they are too tight, the extra fabric will make it more difficult for you to use the mouse.

Gaming gloves for sweaty hands

The design of the best gaming gloves for sweaty hands needs to be from high-quality, breathable material. You should be able to use them for more extended periods without feeling too hot and sweaty. They should have a unique design that will repel water and other liquids to help you keep your hands from getting too cold. Also, suitable anti-sweat gaming gloves will provide you proper grip. To get a firm grip on the gaming device you are using, you need a good amount of friction between your hand and the gaming device. Without that friction, your hand will slip.

The best gloves for sweaty hands are the most textured ones and the ones from breathable material. Those will provide you the most grip. For example, some gloves look like they’re made of soft fabric, but in reality, it’s a very textured material that is very grippy. The more a glove has a rough texture, the more friction it will have. If you want to know more about how gaming gloves can help you with sweaty hands you can find more information over here.

Gaming gloves for cold hands

One of the things gamers quote as being a problem while gaming is suffering from cold fingers. When hands are cold, your fingers get stiff, which affects your reaction time to hit the right buttons at the right time on your controller. Another factor to worry about is that gamers could suffer from joint pain from excessive gaming while playing in cold conditions.

Many gamers are complaining that they are suffering from cold hands while gaming during the winter. During the winter, your hands are exposed to freezing temperatures, and you’re suffering from cold fingers while playing for long hours. When your fingers are getting stiff because of the cold, you are not performing at your best. The stiff fingers affect your reaction time and your finger’s movement over the gaming device. Also, while playing in cold conditions, you need to worry that you will try to suffer from joint pain.

The best gaming gloves for cold hands should be made from materials that will keep you warm even when you’re playing during the cold winter days. Gloves are a great accessory that will keep your hands warm while gaming without affecting your game performance. The gloves take a lot of the game distractions that cold hands cause and allow you to enjoy your gaming session even more. You will be more comfortable playing your favorite game while your hands feel warm.

Conclusion – Last Words

A pair of gloves for gaming is an essential accessory for any hardcore gamer. So, if you’re looking for professional gaming gloves, you need to find yourself one. We know that it can be a bit tricky to find the right gloves. From our experience, you need to match the glove to your gaming activity and always give special attention to the size chart. I hope you learned something from this article. Are you still wondering if gaming gloves are worth it? You can read our article over here.